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Primary Edition, May 2021

Pause for Thought: Bees and Honey
World Bee Day is on 20 May
Janice Ross
Keep On Walking
Walking is good for us!
Claire Law
Powerful Words
Use them carefully!
Manon Ceridwen Parry (revised, originally published in 2012)
Pause for Thought: Superheroes!
Pentecost is on Sunday 23 May 2021
Alexandra Palmer
Pause for Thought: Comfort
During tough times, what brings us comfort?
Alexandra Palmer
Every Life Is Precious
An assembly in the ‘Hello, Scruff!’ series
the Revd Sylvia Burgoyne
Pause for Thought: Don’t Give Up!
Staying strong during tough times
Helen Gwynne-Kinsey
Pause for Thought: How Funny?
World Laughter Day is on 2 May 2021
Brian Radcliffe
Look Inside
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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