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A Better Earth

Space video 5: The words of Apollo 11 astronaut and moon walker Buzz Aldrin, who encourages us to continue to explore space. (4 min 14 sec)

Suitable for Key Stage 3


A Better Earth (4 min 14 sec)
(View here or at

The assembly follows a complete arc, with reflective content towards the end. 
You may, of course, wish to extend this after the video ends. See below for ideas.

We recommend that you watch the assembly before using it with your group.

Some of the material may appear to be of poor quality - this is because of the age of the images used.


This assembly begins with a brief history of how astronomy developed as a science and then moves into the words of Apollo 11 astronaut and moon walker Buzz Aldrin, who encourages us to continue to explore space. He adds that if we can explore space, we can overcome the problem of childhood hunger.


Communicating effectively.

SEAL themes
Primary theme 4: Going for goals
Secondary theme 3: Keep on learning/motivation


The Planets by Holst

Any electronic music, such as ‘Oxygene’ by Jean-Michel Jarre

‘He’s got the whole world’ (Come and Praise, 9)
‘All creatures of our God and King’ (Come and Praise, 7)
‘He gave me eyes so I could see’ (Come and Praise, 18)
‘Father, hear the prayer we offer’ (Come and Praise, 48)
‘God in his love for us’ (Come and Praise, 76)
‘The bell of creation’ (Come and Praise, 86)

Time for reflection

(Light a candle and allow the students to think about what they have just seen and heard.)

Buzz Aldrin was the Lunar Module pilot for the first moon landing. Imagine how incredible that must have felt.

Think how wonderful it was to be part of a team of so many people working together to get Buzz and Neil Armstrong up to the moon. Buzz says that if we can do that, we can also overcome hunger in our world.

I wonder how we could all contribute to that aim.

We give thanks for the wonderful minds that we have
and that, when we work together, we can achieve so much.
Help us to work towards a time when hunger is no more,
everyone has enough to eat
and the Earth is truly a better place for all.

Publication date: September 2012   (Vol.14 No.9)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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