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Welcome to Year 7: We all feel lost when having new experiences

To explore our feelings of being lost at a new school and to consider how and why we should help one another.

by Jude Scrutton

Suitable for Key Stage 3


To explore our feelings of being lost at a new school and to consider how and why we should help one another.

Preparation and materials

  • Copy of the Michael Buble song, ‘Lost’ (widely available to download), to play as students assemble.
  • Download the words of the song.
  • Blindfold and a selection of obstacles for a blindfolded student to negotiate (chairs, bucket, cones).


  1. Project the words of the song and ask what it is about.

    Ask whether anyone in the assembly has already got lost or felt a bit lost since being at the school. Say that most students feel lost when big changes happen in their lives.

    Ask what the positive message of the song is. Explain that the singer is saying, ‘You are not lost ’cause I will always be there.’

    How can this message apply to us?
  2. Ask for a volunteer: someone who doesn’t mind being blindfolded. When the student is blindfolded, say that the task is to make it to the other side of the hall.

    Put the obstacles (chairs, cones, etc.) in the way. Then let go of the student. The student will walk forward, bump into the obstacles and feel lost.
  3. Take off the blindfold, and discuss what happened. How did the student who was blindfolded feel?

    How can a student who is lost at school be helped? (Talking, giving advice on which way to go; anything else?)

    Why should we help? (Because the student is another human being with the same emotions and in the same position as we are.)

Time for reflection

We all feel lost at times. Remember, there are always people in the same position and we can help one another through these times.

The Lord’s Prayer


Play the Michael Buble song again, and ask the students to think about the lyrics in the light of what they have thought and felt during the assembly.

Publication date: August 2011   (Vol.13 No.8)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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