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William and Kate: Learning to be together - 29 April 2011

To help students reflect on the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and to consider the importance of commitment in relationships.

by Tim and Vicky Scott

Suitable for Key Stage 4/5


To help students reflect on the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and to consider the importance of commitment in relationships.

Preparation and materials

  • A wedding ring, pledge, degree certificate, sports trophy (have actual objects to hand or pictures on a PowerPoint).
  • A picture of the royal couple. You could even show a YouTube clip of their interview when they first announced their engagement.
  • For a wide choice of wedding songs to download, see:


  1. Show students the examples (or images) of commitment that you have, and ask them what they all have in common. Answer: they are all symbols of commitment.
  2. On 16 November 2010 it was confirmed that Prince William and his long-term girlfriend, Kate Middleton, were to marry. The wedding will be on 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London. It will be a day of national celebration and a Bank Holiday. The couple became engaged in October, after William proposed while they were on holiday in a remote part of that Kenya.
  3. The potential global TV audience for the wedding may be up to 4 billion. This is about two-thirds of the population of the world, and would be the biggest broadcast in history! This would be multiplied by online and social media viewings.
  4. Prince William is second in line to the throne and will most likely become King within our lifetimes. He first met Kate in 2001, while they were both studying at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland. After their marriage, the couple intends to continue living on the island of Anglesey in Wales, where Prince William is based as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot.
  5. Unlike some royal couples of the past, William and Kate had the freedom to make up their own minds and decide on marriage. They were not forced into it. They waited a while to be sure that they were both sure of the way forward for their lives. Kate was nicknamed ‘Waity Katy’ in the media as she waited patiently to be asked by William to be his wife. Many believe that marriage should not be rushed into, but entered into calmly and wisely after much thought and even prayer. Some ‘celebrity’ weddings sadly illustrate the old saying, ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure.’
  6. In all the glitz and glamour, pomp and ceremony of the wedding day, it is easy to forget that this is about a deep, personal commitment between two people for life. While their wedding day will be a wonderful event, their marriage commitment to one another is much more important. Commitment to anyone or anything is a very powerful thing. It involves determination, inner strength and passion. It can change your life! The choices we make shape our lives, especially what or whom we choose to commit to.
  7. Your commitment will be tested – daily. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to join a gym and get fit, but, by February, quit their membership as it calls for too much self-discipline to get down the gym and work out.

    We may experience failure and face disappointment that will challenge our commitment. It is often impossible to maintain a commitment that was made naively or thoughtlessly. We need to count the cost of the commitment before making it and then be single-minded in our determination to stay committed. This is especially true with the lifelong commitment of marriage, but just as true in any relationship. In the TV interview of William and Kate on the day their engagement was first announced, the Prince said that he believed a strong basis for their marriage was a great, genuine friendship. Good friendships are based around commitment and so are good marriages.
  8. Why is commitment worth the effort? Because commitment makes us happy, fulfilled and successful. So, whether it is a commitment to working harder at school, a commitment to caring for a friend or family member with a disability or sickness, or a commitment to a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, commitment is worth it!

    Today, each one of us may be faced with a personal decision that will cost us something and will affect others – perhaps our friends and family. Our choices are the only things that we can truly control. By keeping focused on these choices, we control the commitments.

    Next year, in London, when the Olympic athletes come into the stadium during the opening ceremonies, they will recite the following: 'I have prepared. I have followed the rules. I will not quit.'

    When we can say that with integrity, we can feel good about ourselves no matter what happens afterwards.

Time for reflection

Whether we are royalty or not, let’s make sure that our relationships are built around love, trust, happiness and commitment always.

Thank you that Prince William and Kate Middleton want to commit to one another through their marriage on 29 April.
Please bless them both, and may they enjoy many years of love and happiness together.
Help us to learn the value of commitment in our own lives and relationships.


Play one of the wedding songs you have downloaded.

Publication date: April 2011   (Vol.13 No.4)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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