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Using material from this site in Citizenship Education

About this resource

This article and the links that follow are designed to suggest ways that the stories and activities used in assemblies can be integrated into classroom-based schemes of work for Citizenship. You can find out more about Citizenship in the curriculum on the Citizenship Foundation website.

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Our assemblies provide a rich selection of stories, poems and activities that pose questions and raise awareness of a broad range of issues, including how we relate to one another, the choices we make and their consequences, appreciating our talents, developing and using our abilities, and many more that are relevant to the citizenship curriculum.

It makes sense, where appropriate, to use some of these stories, poems and activities in the classroom so that more focused attention can be given to the PSHE aspects.

Is it appropriate to mix assemblies and the curriculum?

While the law currently requires at least 51 per cent of school assemblies (collective worship) to be of a 'broadly Christian' nature, for some schools and individual teachers there will be a reluctance to appear to extend this into the classroom. At we pride ourselves on providing a relevant mix of source material with options for pupils and teachers of all backgrounds (such as the non-religious reflections), so there are plenty of assemblies that can contribute to Citizenship without straying into matters of faith. Having said that, appreciating the backgrounds, views and cultures of others is a strong Citizenship theme and much of the material, sensitively handled, can support this.

Developing confidence and responsibility... (KS1)
Preparing to play an active role as citizens (KS1)
Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle (KS1)
Developing good relationships and respecting differences... (KS1)
In the media - what's the news? (KS2)
Children's rights - human rights (KS2)

Citizenship material for Secondary

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