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Our world and creation

To tell the creation story and encourage looking after our world.

by Melanie Glover

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To tell the creation story and encourage looking after our world.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need hats for the children to wear: a simple band with clip-art pictures stapled to the front, e.g. trees, sea, plants, flowers. Three animal masks.

  • Prepare flash cards showing letters that spell out OUR WORLD.
  • Flash cards showing the numbers 1 to 7.
  • A Bible.
  • Music: ‘Watching the Sky’, Track 1 from CD Watching the Sky – Feng Shui for Gardens.
  • Images on pieces of paper/card of Day, Night, Sky, Land, Trees, Plants, Sun, Moon, Stars.
  • A long blue drape of fabric to represent the sea.
  • Optional: Prepare a dance to end the assembly.


  1. Today we will be telling you about our amazing world.

    Eight children hold up the cards spelling out OUR WORLD, and then sit down.
  2. Christians read the Bible. Hold up the Bible.

    The Bible tells us how God made the world. God was very busy and it took God seven days to make the world.

    A child comes to the front and holds up the ‘7’ card, then sits down.

    Long, long ago before the world began, everything was dark and quiet.

    Play the music track ‘Watching the Sky’.

    There were no people. There were no birds. There were no animals.

    And then God said: ‘Let there be light.’
  3. God made day and night. This was the first day. Hold up ‘1’ card.

    Two children walk across the space holding up the images of Day and Night.
  4. Then God made the sky. This was the second day. Hold up ‘2’ card.

    A child walks across holding the Sky image.
  5. On the third day, God made the land and the sea. Hold up ‘3’ card.

    A child walks across the space holding the Land image. Two children pick up the ends of the long blue drape and shake it around like waves on the sea.

    God also made trees and plants on the land.

    Two children walk across holding up the images of Trees and Plants.
  6. On the fourth day God made the sun, moon and the stars. Hold up ‘4’ card.

    Three children walk across holding up the images of Sun, Moon and Stars.
  7. On day five God made the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. Hold up ‘5’ card.

    Two children pretend to be a bird and a fish and move across the space. Two children pick up the ‘sea’ drape again and make ‘waves’.

  8. God then made creatures to live on the land.

    Three children wear animal masks do impersonations – walk, hop or whatever appropriate move, in their own unique way!

    This was the sixth day. Hold up ‘6’ card.
  9. On the seventh day God had a good rest! Hold up ‘7’ card.

    Well, wouldn’t you, after all that work?

Time for reflection

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the beautiful world you have made.
Help us to love it and care for it as you did when you made it.
Let us not spoil it by dropping litter and help us to care for one another.
In your name,

A group of children could perform a dance to the ‘Watching the Sky’ track, as used earlier.


‘Morning has broken’ (Come and Praise, 1)

Publication date: July 2009   (Vol.11 No.7)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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