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When I grow up

To consider the work done by other people and to think about becoming useful members of society.

by Jan Edmunds

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To consider the work done by other people and to think about becoming useful members of society.

Preparation and materials

  • This assembly is intended to be a class presentation either to other KS2 classes or the whole school. It could be linked to a project about the work that people do.

  • The words could be written on cards for children to read or can be learned by heart to give a more polished performance.
  • Placing is important and dressing up also adds to the overall effect. Alternatively pictures done by the children could be held up as they speak.


When we grow up, we wonder what we would like to do.
So many jobs to think about so we’ll just list a few.


  1  Perhaps I’ll be a fireman.
  2  I’ll drive a big fast train.
  3  I’ll work to help sick animals.
  4  I’ll fly an aeroplane.
  5  I might work in a fashion shop or in a grocery store.
  6  I’ll be a famous architect and lots of plans I’ll draw.
  7  Perhaps I’ll be a teacher, working in a school.
  8  I’ll be an entertainer, for that would be real cool!
  9  Perhaps I’ll fix computers or design something that’s new.
10  I really am not sure of what I’d like to do.
11  Perhaps I’ll be a children’s nurse, working with the sick.
12  Perhaps I’ll be a builder, laying many a brick.
13  I’d like to be a policeman, catching lots of crooks.
14  I see me in a library, lending lots of books.
15  Perhaps I’ll be a farmer, drive a tractor every day.
16  I’ll work in a theatre and help produce a play.
17  Perhaps I’ll be a football player in division one, keeping fit and getting paid while having lots of fun.
18  Perhaps I’ll be a surgeon or a doctor, maybe.
19  Perhaps I’ll be a sailor and go far across the sea.
20  Whatever I am, whatever I choose, I’ll always be just me!

Time for reflection


(The prayer can also be led by the children.)

Dear God,

Guide us along the way as we choose what we will do.

Help us through hard work and honest action to achieve our goals.

Teach us to help others and become useful members of society.



‘One more step’ (Come and Praise, 47)

Publication date: March 2009   (Vol.11 No.3)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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