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Standing fast

To consider the importance of being true to ourselves and doing what we know to be the right thing, even when pressure is put on us to do otherwise.

by Jenny Tuxford

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To consider the importance of being true to ourselves and doing what we know to be the right thing, even when pressure is put on us to do otherwise.

Preparation and materials

  • Read the story of Daniel in the lions’ den in the book of Daniel, chapter 6 and discuss with your class.

  • Talk to the children about times when someone has tried to persuade them to do something that they know to be wrong.
  • The poems may be broken up and lines given to individual children, or groups of children.
  • If you don’t have time for all the components you might like to omit the preparation, or use it as another assembly.



  1. Daniel was a clever man
    Of that there was no doubt.
    If anyone had problems
    Then he could sort them out.
  2. One day the king, Belshazzar
    Saw writing on the wall.
    He sent for Dan to tell him
    The meaning of it all.
  3. ‘I know the meaning of the words,
    If you really want to hear.
    You’ve done things wrong, I’m sad to say,
    Your time is up, I fear.’
  4. The king said, ‘Thank you, Daniel,’
    And that night he was killed.
    The thing that Dan had prophesied
    So soon had been fulfilled.
  5. King Darius was the next in line,
    He took a shine to Dan.
    ‘I’d like your help and friendship,
    Please be my right-hand man.’
  6. So Darius gave him power at once
    And Daniel did his best
    To serve the king, but others
    Were not quite so impressed.
  7. They were very, very jealous
    Of this conscientious man.
    ‘Let’s make a plan to catch him
    And kill him if we can.’
  8. They forced the king to pass a law:
    ‘If we find any men
    Praying to God, they must be put
    Into the lions’ den.’
  9. Well, Daniel prayed as usual
    To God three times a day.
    The wicked princes heard him,
    Then quickly ran away.
  10. They ran to tell King Darius
    Of what they’d seen and heard.
    Daniel had prayed to God,
    The king must keep his word.
  11. Darius was sorry,
    There was nothing he could do.
    For Daniel now – the lions’ den
    The law said – sad but true.
  12. Into the cave poor Daniel went.
    The king began to weep.
    He hoped his God would save him.
    He could neither eat nor sleep.
  13. The next day, bright and early,
    The king ran to the den.
    Daniel was still alive!
    So he released him then.
  14. Into the cave the princes
    Went to meet their fate.
    Now they were on the menu,
    The ones the lions ate!

Time for reflection

Having the courage to stick to one's beliefs

When I need to choose

Between right and wrong,

I’ll follow my heart

And learn to be strong.

When so-called friends

Try to lead me astray,

I won’t be afraid,

To have my say.

What’s wrong and what’s right?

When faced with the choice

I must never keep quiet,

I must lift up my voice.

In all situations,

Where my decision is key,

I’ll have faith in my God,

So he’ll have faith in me.

If I know something’s wrong

I will never be cowed,

And without even thinking

I’ll say, ‘No!’ out loud.


Dear Father,

When I’m choosing my friends,

Please help me to see
True friends want the best
For themselves and for me.


‘Daniel was a man of prayer’ (Junior Praise)

‘O Jesus, I have promised’ (A Time to Sing)

Publication date: March 2009   (Vol.11 No.3)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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