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To show that life is ever changing and turning.

by Jan Edmunds

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To show that life is ever changing and turning.

Preparation and materials

  • An OHP or whiteboard would be useful for reading the poem.
  • The poem could be used in a variety of ways: delivered by the teacher then used for discussion, lines written on cards and spoken by the children, or for choral speaking.


  1. Introduce the poem.

    by Jan Edmunds

    Turning, turning, turning, the world is always turning,
    That’s what makes night follow day all year long.
    Turning, turning, turning, round and round we go,
    We cannot even feel it so we never really know.
    We cannot stop this turning, however hard we try,
    For life is born, remains a while and then must surely die.
    Turning, turning, turning, so many things can turn,
    Life is like a turning wheel and we have much to learn.
    Wheels on cars go round and round,
    This helps them move along the ground.
    We turn the pages of a book,
    Enabling us to take a look.
    We turn back the clock for a longer night,
    Then on again for summer light.
    We turn a handle to open a door,
    Then turn a key to make it secure.
    Turning, turning, turning, such things are ever turning,
    Life goes on like a great big wheel.
    As you turn today, how do you feel?
  2. You may like to bring out several points from the poem. Day and night, the changing seasons, life cycles, why can’t we feel the world turning? Can the children think of any other things that turn?

    What about the idea of change being described as a ‘turn’, such as the story about Jesus ‘turning’ the water into wine (John 2.1–12), or any of us doing a good ‘turn’?

Time for reflection


The world is turning.

How will you turn today?

Will you turn away

from things that might lead you astray?

The world is turning.

Will you do a good turn today?

In things you do and say,

trying to turn to a better way?



Dear God,

When we are troubled we turn to you, for we know you will listen.

Hear our prayer and help us to turn our backs on all that is wrong.

Give us patience, tolerance and love for others.

Help us to work together to turn this world into a better place.



‘To ev'rything turn, turn, turn’ (Come and Praise, 113)

Publication date: April 2008   (Vol.10 No.4)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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