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To think about and graphically illustrate the value of teamwork.

by The Revd Oliver Harrison

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To think about and graphically illustrate the value of teamwork.

Preparation and materials

  • Prime two of the older children by outlining the assembly to them and asking them to play along -- even if they overact a bit! Choose children who can achieve the task (in point 4 below) sensibly and without hurting themselves.
  • You will need two tables, placed at the front, off to one side.


  1. Talk about teams and get to the idea that a team is people working together.
  2. Imagine your teacher had asked you to make a book. One person might be good at writing, another at thinking of a good story, another at doing the drawings and another at actually making the book with scissors and staples and glue. So for a job like that you need to form a TEAM.
  3. You can do a hands-up series of questions: e.g. Who's good at … maths? Who's good at … PE? Reinforce the idea that no one's good at everything.

    As well as different people having different strengths, a TEAM can do things more easily.
  4. Ask for two ‘volunteers’. See if they can each carry a table across the front of the hall. Keep an eye on this for health and safety, ensuring that the children don’t hurt themselves or others. When (if!) they manage it, ask them to take the tables back but this time as a TEAM: both carrying each table, one at each end.
  5. Ask them and the assembly which was easier.
  6. Optional: Explain that Christians believe that God is a TEAM, called the Trinity.

Time for reflection


What am I especially good at?

How can I work better with other people?

What teams do I belong to?

Am I in a team of friends, a team of my class, a team of my school?



Dear God,
Thank you that we are made to work together,

to enjoy each other’s skills and to help each other out.



‘’Tis the gift’ (Come and Praise, 97)

Publication date: September 2007   (Vol.9 No.9)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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