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To think about the value of special memories and to help children understand the reasons for the communion service.

by Rebecca Parkinson

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To think about the value of special memories and to help children understand the reasons for the communion service.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a glass of ‘wine’ – blackcurrant is fine! – and some bread.
  • An example of something you can show to the children that reminds you of someone or something in the past, a souvenir, for example.


  1. Ask the children if they have any favourite memories that they would like to share with everyone. The memories may be happy/scary/sad/exciting, e.g. holidays, days out, presents received, people they have met. Explain that you want them to think of special memories, things they have remembered for a long time or like to think about often.
  2. Explain that it is good to remember things that have happened and that as you get older memories become more and more special. Share with the children one or two special memories you have from when you were a child.
  3. Explain that sometimes we forget things that have happened in the past and then something jogs our memories and reminds us of it.

    Ask the children if they have ever visited somewhere and brought a souvenir back with them. Explain that sometimes it is good to have an object that reminds us of a particular place or happy event. If possible and appropriate show the children an object (or play them a piece of music) that holds a happy memory for you – it may be something that somebody gave you, a photograph, a letter or a souvenir.
  4. Say that Christians do something like this to help them remember a special time in the life of Jesus. When Jesus knew that it wouldn’t be long before his death he asked them to do something that would remind them of him.

    Show the children the bread and the wine and explain that Jesus broke the bread and handed all the disciples a piece. He then passed round the wine for them all to have a drink.
  5. Christians today still break bread and drink wine to remind themselves of Jesus and to share a special meal with each other.

Time for reflection


Think for a moment about a special memory you have. Think about the people involved in that memory.



Dear God,

Thank you for people who have given me special memories,

and for places I have been and things that I have seen

that make me happy when I think of them.

Please help me to do things for other people

that make them smile when they remember what I have done.



‘Lord of the dance’ (Come and Praise, 22)

Publication date: May 2007   (Vol.9 No.5)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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