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To think about saying thank you.

by The Revd Oliver Harrison

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To think about saying thank you.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need 8 pieces of A4 paper and a scalpel-type craft knife, and a surface or board to cut on.
  • Cut the A4 sheets into the letters H A N K Y O U and a hyphen (-) using the craft knife. The H, for instance, just requires two rectangles to be cut out of the sheet, one in from the top and one in from the bottom so that the letter’s top and side edges are formed by existing edge of the A4 sheet.
  • A large capital letter T.


  1. Introduce the idea of a quiz or game. Hand out the A4 letters and hyphen in random order to children from across the school age range. You may want to give one to a teacher as well. Ask these children to work together at the front of the assembly to sort the letters into a word.
  2. Leave them for a while; then make sure they understand about the hyphen and if necessary offer some help. They might – or might not – work out that it’s the word THANK-YOU without the initial letter T.

    Sort the letters and children into the right order – standing in a line with the letters facing the rest of the school. Then produce the large T and stand at the front of the line so that the word is complete.
  3. Optional: Talk about the belief that Christians have that Jesus is the gift of God to us, and how we should say THANK-YOU to God. Say that when they see a cross they can think of it as the letter ‘T’ – a reminder to say THANK-YOU to God for the gift of his son Jesus.
  4. Ask the children to think about all the things they would like to say thank you for and lead into the reflection.

Time for reflection


Think about three things you would like to say thank you for today:

Will it be your family?

Your friends?

Things you had for Christmas?

Skills and talents you have?

What do you want to say thank you for?



Dear God,

Thank you for everything we have,

our food and clothing,

our family and friends,

the things we can do and learn.

Help us to be thankful for everything we have.



‘Thank you, God’ (Come and Praise Beginning, 20)

Publication date: February 2007   (Vol.9 No.2)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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