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1 + 1 = New

To explore the amazing creative powers of the human mind.

by Gordon Lamont

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To explore the amazing creative powers of the human mind.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a dictionary. This is used in a random word game so a children’s dictionary might be best, to avoid the risk of picking words you don’t wish to explain.
  • Flipchart, OHP or interactive board.
  • The assembly complements last year’s Clever Minds (


  1. Show the dictionary and ask for a volunteer to open it at random and point to a word without looking. Whatever the word is, write it up on the OHP/board. Ask the chooser to read out the definition. Make sure that everyone understands the meaning of the word. If the word is too difficult, pick another.

    Repeat the exercise.

    Now ask if anyone can find a link between the two words. A link is a sensible reason to put them in the same sentence.

    So if the first word is ‘cog’ and the next is ‘pepper’, can someone put them together? Perhaps: ‘There is a cog in the pepper mill.’ Or: ‘A dog called Pepper got his tail caught in some cogs.’

    Play the game a few times.
  2. Point out that this shows the amazing inventive and creative powers of the human mind. Recommend this approach for whenever the children get stuck thinking up ideas. Use the dictionary as a random word generator and see if it gives you a fresh idea. You could even try making up a whole story in this way!
  3. Point out that right at the beginning of the Bible we read that ‘God created’, so the idea of making something up, of creating something, getting a new idea, is very old. In science we learn how one type of animal can lead to a new and different species over a long period of time – again this is something new being made. And of course we all know about stories, which are about making things up, new ideas and new situations. Perhaps this sum will help you remember the amazing creative powers of the human mind: (write up) 1+1=NEW.

Time for reflection


What are you going to do that’s new today?

What will you put together so that you can say 1+1=NEW?



Dear God,

Thank you for the amazing creative powers of the human mind.

Please help us to use our creativity to the full.



‘It’s the springs’ (Come and Praise, 82)

Publication date: February 2007   (Vol.9 No.2)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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