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Stomp together

To consider the idea of harmony in the world and that 'everyone counts'.

by S. Morton

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To consider the idea of harmony in the world and that ‘everyone counts’.

Preparation and materials

  • This assembly uses ideas from the theatrical performance ‘Stomp’, in which the artists perform percussion pieces using only household equipment, such as brushes, pipes, matchboxes, etc. Originally the artists were buskers but now the show has worldwide acclaim.
  • Before you begin, establish how you will indicate when the performance is to stop - on a signal from you.
  • Equipment: you will need household items, such as brushes, bins, scissors, cups, matchboxes, sugar bowls, water bottles. Stress that care is needed with sharp or heavy items.
  • The song is ‘If I had a hammer’ (Come and Praise, 71), and the words can be adapted to the different tools you use.


  1. Introduce the idea that household equipment can make musical noises. Demonstrate, e.g. with a brush, a sugar bowl, a pair of scissors.
  2. Then ask the children to volunteer to play these and other items. Once you have a whole band at the front of the assembly, ask them to play.
  3. After a while stop them, and say that the performance needs to be more musical. Ask for ideas of how this can be done. You are hoping for suggestions such as playing the same rhythm and playing at the same time.
  4. Tell the children about the Stomp theatre performance. There are details and video clips at Explain that each person matters. Everyone has a part to play and everyone needs direction so that they know when to play.
  5. Introduce the song and practise it, letting everyone join in with a clapping rhythm, as well as your band at the front. Hopefully a few people will be out of time – if so, explain that following the direction of a leader is not always easy and it takes practice. Explain also that for the best performance possible, everyone needs to concentrate and do their best – everyone counts. Give the children lots of praise and finish with everyone calling out ‘STOMP!’
  6. Summarize for the children what you have done. Explain that every person in the world counts. Harmony depends on everyone. Tell the children that for the world to be the best it can be every person has to be considerate to every other person. Leaders have a big responsibility, ensuring harmony in the world. Many people believe that God is a leader we can all trust to get it right.

Time for reflection


Close your eyes and imagine our percussion orchestra making clever harmony together. Imagine them performing in front of a big audience and everyone clapping loudly at the end of the performance. In fact, the audience loves it so much they stamp their feet too! Imagine how happy everyone is.

Every person is important in our world.

Let’s clap together for a job well done - 1, 2, 3.


I count

You count

We count

In the eyes of the Lord.

Follow the leader

Wherever he goes

For love and harmony.



‘If I had a hammer’ (Come and Praise, 71)

Publication date: February 2006   (Vol.8 No.2)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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