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Being a Light

Shining brightly

by Janice Ross

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To consider November as a month of lights and explore how we can bring brightness to others.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need the PowerPoint slides that accompany this assembly (Being a Light) and the means to display them.


  1. Ask the children what month it is.

    Ask them how they feel about November.

    Point out that for some people, November marks the beginning of a long, cold winter. The nights are closing in, there isn’t much time after school to play and it’s time to look out hats and gloves.

  2. Show Slide 1 and read out the poem. You may wish to read it through twice.

    Ask the children, ‘How did that poem make you feel?’

    Listen to a range of responses.

  3. Tell the children that the poem is about what November used to be like in Victorian London.

    It was an age of great invention, when many new industries were starting up and many people moved to cities for work. Coal was used to fuel the industries, and it produced a lot of grime. It also caused smog, which was a combination of smoke and fog that hung in the air and tasted like coal.

    The smog could be particularly bad in November and got into people’s lungs, giving them bad coughs and asthma. Every year, people were advised to stay inside when the smog came down, but many died. So, we can understand why November could be a miserable month for people.

  4. Ask the children, ‘Is that how we see the month of November? Or are there things that happen in November that brighten up the month?’

    Listen to a range of responses.

    Suggestions might include fireworks, Bonfire Night, Diwali lights, Advent and so on.

  5. Show Slide 2.

    Ask the children, ‘What is this light?’

    Listen to a range of responses.

    Explain that the picture shows the northern lights, or aurora borealis, which can be seen in the northern hemisphere, in places like Norway, at this time of year. Many people travel far north to see the northern lights during winter.

  6. Show Slide 3.

    Point out that lights brighten up the darkness. Even a small candle can do this.

  7. Show Slide 4.

    Tell the children that lights can give us a cosy feeling.

  8. Show Slide 5.

    Point out that lights can guide us safely through the dark, showing us dangers.

Time for reflection

Jesus said that he is the light of the whole world; no one needs to be afraid of the dark when they trust in him. He also said that we are to shine like lights.

Ask the children, ‘What do you think Jesus meant by this?’

Listen to a range of responses.

Ask the children to smile. Ask them to keep smiling and look around the room at the same time.

Explain that our smiling faces can brighten up people’s day. By our attitudes, we can cheer up parents, carers, teachers, friends or even people we walk past on the street!

Dear God,
Thank you that lights shine in the darkness to brighten it up.
Please help us to bring light and brightness into someone’s life today.
Please help us to realize that our attitude and even our smiles can brighten up someone else’s day.
Please help us to consider the feelings of other people.


‘My lighthouse’ by Rend Collective, available at: (4.08 minutes long)

Publication date: November 2023   (Vol.25 No.11)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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