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God's work of Art

by The Revd Catherine Williams

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To demonstrate that we are all unique, special people in God's eyes.

Preparation and materials

  • This assembly links to 'If Everyone's Special, No one is' and develops the theme from a Christian perspective.

  • You will need several well-known works of art, either as posters or OHTs.
  • A large mirror (full-length if possible).
  • Note for those who are not teachers: Children study particular artists and artistic styles at both KS1 and KS2 - it may help you to find out beforehand which artists have been studied at school.


  1. Introduce the subject of art - ask the children which artists they have been studying, which artists they like, etc.
  2. Show a number of different paintings and talk about them, why you like them or don't like them, etc. Ask the children about them too.
  3. Next ask for several volunteers. Ask each to stand in front of the full-length mirror and then declare: 'Here is another famous work of art - this one is called Tom', or 'Hannah', or 'Kumar', etc.

    Ask the children if they know who is the artist who made these new works of art: 'Tom', 'Hannah', 'Kumar', etc. See if they can come up with the answer 'God', but also value all responses such as 'their mum and dad', 'life made them', etc.

  4. End by explaining to the children that in the Bible, St Paul writing to the Ephesians says: 'You are God's work of art.' Christians believe that not only did God create us but he made each one of us to be a special, priceless work of art. And there's no one else in the world quite like you. You are all one-offs, originals - just like these very beautiful, expensive paintings.

Time for reflection

When you're feeling down about yourself, think this:
The best works of art are called 'priceless'.
They are so valuable that no money can buy them.
If they're priceless - I'm worth even more!
Think about the words of today's song, a song about being precious and special.

Dear God,
Thank you for artists and for the beautiful paintings they make.
Thank you that each of us is your precious and special work of art.


'Who put the colours in the rainbow?' (Come and Praise, 12)

Publication date: February 2005   (Vol.7 No.2)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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