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The Christmas Card

by Jan Edmunds

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To show what happens to the greetings cards we send and to convey the Christmas message in a simple way.

Preparation and materials

  • This material has been used as a class presentation in a Christmas concert and could be adapted in other ways. The simple lines make it easy for children to learn.
  • If used for a concert, props can be made or collected, e.g. a peak cap for the postmen; large cardboard boxes can be transformed into a post-box, a mail van and a train. Cut holes in each box for the child’s head and arms, and decorate accordingly. The boxes can be secured with tapes to hang over the child's shoulders.
  • You will need a small table and chair; a sack; some used envelopes, cards and wrapped parcels to put in the sack; and a bunch of keys. A portable children’s goal post can be draped with sacking to suggest a stable for the Nativity tableau. This can be carried on stage for the finale. A small chair will be needed for Mary and a simple ‘manger’.
  • Characters: six speakers; two children (one to send and one to receive the card); two postmen; a postbox; a van; a train. For the tableau at the end: a group of carol singers; Mary; Joseph; Gabriel; angels, shepherds, kings (as many characters as you like so that everyone is included).
  • The main characters could use their own names.
  • The opening scene can be set with a child seated at the table writing a Christmas card. Another dressed as a post box stands on the opposite side of the stage.
  • Although it is aimed at KS1 children, this assembly could be presented by a younger KS2 class for KS1 assembly – if so, the idea of giving to others, so important at this time of year, can be stressed.
  • To make the script easier to read and learn, we recommend copying and pasting the script part of this assembly, in a larger text size and double spacing, before printing.
  • You will find more about drama in assemblies in our Resources section.


Speaker 1: This is the story of a Christmas card's journey. With Christmas round the corner we’re as busy as can be, shopping, wrapping, writing cards or dressing up the tree. There are a million things to do. Each year we say that we won’t rush, and every year we do!

Child 1: I’ll write this card to ............ and send it on its way,
To wish him/her joy and happiness on a very special day.
(Pretends to write the card, puts it into an envelope, mimes putting on the stamp and addressing the envelope.)
So now I’m off to post my card, for it has far to go. (Walks over to the postbox.)
Ah, here’s the box, so in the box you go. (Gives card to postbox.)
Your travels have just begun.
What an adventure you’ll have before your journey’s done.

Speaker 2: Let us see what happens to the card along its way,
Before it gets to ............ in time for Christmas day.

Postbox: I am the postbox, big and red, and into me the card is fed,
The card that is sent to ............ for Christmas.

Postman 1:(Enters carrying a sack.) I am the postman who opens the box.
Here are my keys to undo the locks. (He receives the card from the postbox.)
Into this sack I’ll then put the card that is sent to ............ for Christmas.

Van: (Enters making engine noises. Postman hands over sack.)
I am the van that will carry the sack.
Here is another to add to the stack.
I will carry the card that is sent to ............ for Christmas.

Train: (Enters making train noises. Van hands over sack.)
I am the train that speeds through the night.
I'll arrive at the station before the daylight.
I will carry the card that is sent to ............ for Christmas.

Postman 2: (Receives the sack, takes out some cards and pretends to sort them.)
I am the postman who sorts the cards once more
By the names of each street and the numbers on doors.
I will deliver the card that is sent to ............ for Christmas.
(Posts the card through the imaginary house letterbox. It is picked up by Child 2.)

Child 2: My name is ............ and I’m very pleased
That after its journey my card I've received.

Speaker 3: Remember at Christmas, when you get a card
That all of these people have worked very hard.

Speaker 4: Let's look at the card and the message it brings,
The birth of a baby, our Lord, King of kings.
(Holds up a card, preferably with a Nativity scene on the front.)

(A group of carol singers enter singing ‘A little child on the earth has been born’, or any suitable carol. Enter Mary carrying the baby Jesus, escorted by Joseph, led by the angel Gabriel. Shepherds, kings and angels can be brought into the scene. Play some carols/music as the Nativity scene is assembled.)

Time for reflection

Speaker 5: It’s Christmas again and the stars still look down,
The same stars that shone over Bethlehem town,
A long time ago at the birth of a king,
When angels came earthwards their tidings to bring.

Speaker 6: May each card you receive with its message so clear
Bring you closer at Christmas to those you hold dear.


'Christmas, Christmas' (Come and Praise, 122)

Publication date: December 2004   (Vol.6 No.12)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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