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What About Praying?

What does it mean to pray?

by Jude Scrutton (adapted)

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To consider what it means to pray.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need the PowerPoint slides that accompany this assembly (What About Praying?) and the means to display them.


  1. Show the slide deck to the children.

    As you show each image, ask the children what the people are doing and discuss what is shown.

  2. Ask the children what they know about prayer.

    - What is prayer?
    - Why do people pray?

  3. Ask the children whether they know any prayers. If possible, encourage the children to share the prayers that they know. If the school has a school prayer or regularly says the Lord’s Prayer, say this prayer together.

  4. Ask the children, ‘Who writes prayers?’

    Discuss the fact that anyone can write a prayer. Although there are many prayers that we learn as part of our religions, when people talk to God, the content of the conversation is up to the person praying.

  5. Explain that sometimes, people like to split their prayers into different parts.

    Adoration involves praising God and worshipping him for who he is.
    Confession involves asking God to cleanse us from sin.
    Thanksgiving involves acknowledging God’s grace.
    Supplication involves making specific prayer requests.
    Ending involves giving thanks and saying ‘Amen’.

Time for reflection

Invite the children to write their own prayers. They might like to choose one of the areas covered in the ‘Assembly’, Step 5. However, encourage the children to think about prayer as a conversation with God where they can be themselves and where they don’t need to use big words or long phrases.

Christians believe that they can speak to God anywhere and at any time, and he will always listen. Many people find peace in knowing this.

Ask the children to consider all of the things that they could thank God for and what they could ask for help with.

Dear God,
Thank you that we can speak to you anywhere and at any time.
Please help us to remember this when we are afraid, worried or sad.
Please help us to be thankful.
Please help us to be honest.
Thank you that you never sleep, but are always there to listen.


‘The Lord’s Prayer’ sung by Hillsong Worship, available at: (4.43 minutes long)

Extension activities

  1. A large range of prayer-related activities is available at:

  2. There are also some great ideas for creative prayer at:
Publication date: October 2020   (Vol.22 No.10)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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