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Sweets: An Assembly for Leavers

To give leavers a good send-off with something to think about

by Janet McLeman

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To give leavers a good send-off with something to think about.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a large bag of assorted sweets and bars of chocolate, etc., some familiar to the children, others less so.


  1. Suggest that going to secondary school is a bit like going into a sweet shop where there are many different types of sweets to choose from. You have to make lots of choices - how would you make the best choices, the right ones for you? What would you choose?

  2. Hold up each sweet in turn, and for each one offer an explanation of the way that sweet is like certain things in life, or certain types of people. For instance:

    Magic Stars: Younger children will say they like these, while older ones may think they are babyish - but they are still good really. A bit like the things you learn at primary school, like manners, etc. They are still important, so don't forget about them.

    Flake bar: Looks very attractive and tempting, but if you eat this wearing your best clothes you'll get in a mess. You will meet some people who seem attractive but who will get you into a mess.

    Some obscure sweet: would they try it? It might be very good. Unless you try new things you might be missing out and will never appreciate them.

    Include a giant bar of your favourite chocolate: If I eat all this myself tonight I'll be ill. It's a good idea to share the things you like with your friends.

  3. Hold up a Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar, describing it as not fancy but it has always been the same: reliable and dependable. Suggest that thinking about these qualities is not a bad way to start life at a new school.

  4. If appropriate, give all leavers a small bar of chocolate as a reminder. Mention the Cadbury's Dairy Milk (CDM) advertising campaign of some years ago: you are awarding them a CDM; ask them to live up to it in their new school.

Time for reflection

Dear God,
We think about everyone who is leaving us
to start a new part of their life at a new school.
Thank you for everything they have given to us here at (school name).
Please be with them in their new school lives.

There are lots of different sweets,
So many from which to choose.
There are lots of choices life brings us,
So many from which to choose.
There are lots of memories of (school name),
So many from which to choose.
There's just one wish for those who are leaving us,
Good luck to all of you.


'Travel on' (Come and Praise, 42)

Publication date: July 2004   (Vol.6 No.7)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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