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Making things

To celebrate the joy of creativity.

by Gordon and Ronni Lamont

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To celebrate the joy of creativity.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a blackboard or flip-chart for 3. below.


  1. Ask if there are any Lego fans in the assembly. Ask a few volunteers to describe their favourite models. Do the same for a number of other creative activities, such as drawing and painting, writing, making things out of old boxes, and making scrapbooks.

  2. Explain that today we're thinking about the idea of creativity - making things and making things up. Explain that this can include any type of activity where you put things together - Lego bricks, words, old boxes - to make something new.

  3. Explain that you are all going to be creative this morning - you're going to think up something to do with the theme to fit each of the letters of the word CREATE. Then ask the children to come up with ideas for the first letter, C, and all the others in turn (use the given sentence for the second E, below). Write them down as you go along. Some suggestions are:
    C   cardboard boxes, card, colouring, craft, cartoons, composing
    R   radio-controlled models, resin modelling, retelling stories, robots
    E   excitement, entertaining, engineering, edibles, enthusiasm
    A   art, acting, activities, assembling, acrobatics
    T   theatre, toys, tube of glue, trinkets, telling stories
    E   Everywhere I go, in everything I see, wonderful, exciting creativity is all around me

  4. Ask the children to consider the following words, the very first words from the Bible: 'In the beginning God created ...'. Explain that many people believe that the gift of creativity is one of the most precious - to be able to make things and make things up is something that God wants all of us to do.


Time for reflection

In the beginning God created. Today we create - with words and cardboard models, songs and acting, bricks, and in so many other ways.

Dear God,
Thank you for your special gift of creativity.
Thank you that everywhere I go,
in everything I see,
wonderful, exciting creativity is all around me.



'If I had a hammer' (Come and Praise, 71).

Publication date: January 2001   (Vol.3 No.1)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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