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Christmas in February!

To demonstrate that we can have 'holiday hearts' at any time of year

by Gordon and Ronni Lamont

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To demonstrate that we can have 'holiday hearts' at any time of year.

Preparation and materials

  • None.


  1. Begin by wishing everyone a happy Christmas. When you are met with a blank, confused or laughing response try wishing everyone a happy Easter, Diwali, Eid and summer holiday.

  2. Ask the children why they think this is odd or even funny. Discuss their views and throw back at them the idea that although each of these things happen on certain days, you think they can also happen at any time.

  3. Use Christmas as an example and ask the children what's good about Christmas. Here are some suggested responses to what the children might say.

    Presents: Who still has some of their Christmas presents? Isn't it a good idea to still be excited or pleased about your presents and to say thank you again even though Christmas was a few weeks ago? Can't you still give presents even though it's not Christmas - something you make at school and give to your mum and dad, or sharing some sweets with a friend?

    Special food: I bet everyone here has had at least one 'treat to eat' since Christmas. Sharing food with our family and friends can happen all year round and is a way of enjoying Christmas at any time.

    Parties and games: Every time you get together and play with friends or family it's like a little Christmas.

    Father Christmas: He represents giving and sharing good things and we can all do that at any time.

    The birth of Jesus: Christians believe that Jesus is a very special person. He's both God and human at the same time and they believe that he wasn't just born 2000 years ago but that he's still with us now - so that's Christmas all the time too!

  4. Say that although all festivals are important when they happen, they're also about things that we can do at any time of year.

Time for reflection

Think about Easter - a springtime festival of new hope; what do you hope for today for yourself and for the world?

Think about Diwali - an autumn festival of light; can you bring light to other people's lives today?

Think about Eid - an autumn festival celebrating the end of the fast of Ramadan; can you live out the Eid themes of thankfulness and helping those in need?

Think about the summer holidays - a special time, perhaps when we go away for a holiday with our families; can you enjoy life today like a holiday day?

Think about Christmas - can you bring a little bit of Christmas into everybody's lives this February?


'Christmas, Christmas' (Come and Praise, 122)

Publication date: February 2004   (Vol.6 No.2)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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