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A special place

To think about travelling to special places, and introduce the idea of a place having symbolic meaning.

by Jill Fuller

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To think about travelling to special places, and introduce the idea of a place having symbolic meaning.

Preparation and materials

  • Prepare step 4. below and find a souvenir.
  • You may like to involve a child in speaking about his or her own special journey.


  1. Discuss with the children the idea of having a place which is special to them. Do they have one? Is there somewhere they like to go to be quiet or alone, a secret spot?
  2. Give examples of places which may be special for various reasons, e.g. the hospital or house where you were born, your first school, a favourite park where you played when you were younger.
  3. Explain that there are some places which are special to groups of people: football stadiums such as Wembley, homes of pop stars, such as Gracelands for Elvis Presley fans, memorials for war veterans, churchyards where people special to them are buried.
  4. Talk about a visit to a special place and describe what happened: the journey, who went with you, how you felt, what you did. Show the souvenir that you brought back, e.g. a stone from a special beach, a pressed flower, a football programme, a plate with the place name on, a photograph.
  5. Ask the children to listen to and think about this short poem.
    by Gordon Lamont

    Special is something I carry around
    A thought, a memory, hallowed ground.

    The football pitch, my favourite beach
    A special place that I can reach.

    When I can't go to my special place
    I turn to my thoughts and let them race.
    They fly, and in an instant I see
    My special place waiting for me.

Time for reflection

In a moment of quiet, think of places that have special memories for you. Picture the place in your mind - enjoy remembering it and why it's special to you.

Dear God,
Thank you for special places,
where lots of people go.
Thank you for special places,
That only I know.


'Travel on' (Come and Praise, 42).

Curriculum links

  • English: Write a description of a special journey.
  • Maths: Graphs showing the journeys children make to school, with modes of travel and distances.
  • History: Modes of travel through the ages.
Publication date: July 2000   (Vol.2 No.7)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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