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President Donald Trump

Response to the 2016 US election results

by Claire Law

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To respond to the US election results and introduce Donald Trump, the next president of the USA.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need the PowerPoint slides that accompany this assembly (Donald Trump) and the means to display them.


  1. Ask the children if anyone can explain what important event has been taking place in the USA during the last few days. Some of the children should be aware that Donald Trump has now been voted in as the next president of the USA.

  2. Show Slide 1.

    Today, we are going to find out about Donald Trump and discover why it is significant that he will be the next US president. We will also think about what it means to be a leader.

  3. Show Slide 2.

    Who is President Donald Trump?

  4. Show Slide 3.

    Donald Trump studied Economics at university, which helped him to understand how businesses work. Before he graduated from university, he began to work for his dad’s company, which constructed and sold buildings. In time, the family business grew significantly and Donald Trump became a wealthy, successful businessman. One of the developments that his company built was a complex of buildings in Manhattan in New York.

    Show Slide 4.

  5. Show Slide 5.

    From 2003 until this year, Donald Trump presented the US TV show, The Apprentice. As with the UK version of The Apprentice, candidates compete for a chance to work for the show’s presenter. Donald Trump developed the catchphrase ‘You’re fired’, which is delivered each week to at least one unsuccessful candidate, who then has to leave the process.

  6. Show Slide 6.

    In 2015, Donald Trump entered politics and put himself forward as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, one of the main political parties in the USA. As part of his presidential campaign, Trump gave many speeches and appeared at many rallies where he explained his ideas and views. Some of his ideas caused controversy and many people disagreed with them. Trump spoke his mind in these speeches and was not afraid to say things that might upset people. Some people admired him for his directness and boldness in saying what he really thought.

  7. And so, in November 2016, the people of America have voted for their next president. Although many people do not agree with Trump’s views, he has still been elected democratically because he won more votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Therefore, he is rightfully the next president of the USA.

  8. Lets think for a minute about the things that are important to Donald Trump. These things are the areas he may well seek to act upon and change when he becomes the new US president in January 2017.

  9. Show Slide 7.

    Ask the children to look at the images on the slide and see if they can identify three things that are important to Donald Trump.

    Listen to a range of responses.

    Provide the correct answers:

    - making the USA a strong, powerful nation
    - national security
    - the growth of businesses in the USA

  10. Show Slide 8.

    Ask the children, Does Donald Trump have an easy or hard job ahead of him as president of the USA?

    Listen to a range of responses.

    Ask the same question again, encouraging the children to indicate their view by showing ‘thumbs up’ for easy and ‘thumbs down’ for difficult.

    Donald Trump’s new job will be to lead over 300 million people in the USA - not an easy task! His role as president makes him the leader of one of the largest, most powerful countries in the world. It is a job that comes with a lot of responsibility.

  11. The Bible talks about praying for people in our world who have the difficult job of being leaders.

    Show Slide 9.

    A wise and responsible leader can make the world a better place for everyone. Therefore, in our assembly today, we are going to take a moment to pray for Donald Trump and all the leaders in our world.

Time for reflection

Ask the children if they know any leaders.

Listen to a range of responses.

Encourage the children to consider teachers, head teachers, leaders of clubs that they attend, members of local councils, Members of Parliament, the Queen, the Prime Minister and other world leaders. Encourage the children to think about good qualities that these people demonstrate.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for people who lead well in this world.
Thank you for people whom we can respect and who help the world to be a better place.
We pray for our world leaders.
Please help them to develop wisdom and the ability to lead with responsibility and fairness.

We pray particularly for Donald Trump as he prepares to begin his new role as president.
Help him to lead the USA in a way that helps to bring peace and justice to our world.

Publication date: November 2016   (Vol.18 No.11)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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