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Flowers on Parade

All different... all special

by Becky May

Suitable for Whole School (Pri) - Church Schools


To remind us that we are all different, yet beautiful.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a bouquet of flowers, in a vase or other container.
  • For a Church school, include Step 5 in the ‘Assembly’ and familiarize yourself beforehand with Matthew 6.25–34.


1. Hello, aren't you all looking smart today? Such a beautiful room, full of beautiful people!

2. I wonder what you think of these flowers that I have here?

Display the bouquet of flowers, perhaps pulling out the flowers one at a time to have a closer look at them, talking about their appearance, fragrance and names, as you are able.

3. I wonder which flower you think is the most beautiful?

You could have a vote for the flower that the children think is the most beautiful.

4. I said earlier that you were all looking smart and you are, but, I have to say, I think the flowers win the competition for the most beautiful things in the room, don't you? You see, they're not even wearing clothes to make them beautiful, are they?!

5. For a Church school.

One day, when Jesus was teaching a crowd of people, he talked about the flowers in the field and how beautiful they were. He told the crowd of people that the flowers were a reminder of an important lesson that we should all remember.

Invite one of the children to read Matthew 6.25–34.

6. You see, Christians believe that God takes care of the flowers – he helps them to grow well and bloom, with all their beautiful colours. You might remember planting some seeds or bulbs and waiting for the plants to appear. It is God that enables the plants to grow and takes care of them. Christians believe that God will take care of us, too.

7. Human beings are pretty good at worrying. The people Jesus spoke to were worriers and we can be, too.

Sometimes it's little things that worry us – what we're going to wear on dress-down day, maybe – and sometimes it's bigger things – such as how we're going to get on when we change class or school or how well we did in a test. We can always find something to worry us!

8. At this time of year, we see all sorts of beautiful flowers bursting into life – in our gardens or in flowerbeds or by the road on our way to and from school. Perhaps the next time you see some flowers, they can serve to remind you to not worry because everyone here is different, just as all the flowers are different, and we are each uniquely talented and beautiful.

Time for reflection

Let us make ourselves really quiet and think for a moment. Perhaps you might like to look carefully at the flowers while you do this.

Think for a moment about if there is something that is worrying you today. Perhaps it is a small problem or perhaps it's something more important.

If there is something worrying you at the moment, don't keep it to yourself. Your teachers are here to listen to your worries and we will help you to find a way to sort out the things that you are worrying about.


Dear God.
Thank you for the beautiful flowers that we see springing up all around us.
Help us to remember that just as every flower is different, so are we, with our own worries and concerns.
Help us to be content with who we are today.  


‘Think of a world without any flowers’ (Come and Praise, 17)

Publication date: June 2015   (Vol.17 No.6)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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