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A Great Day Made Even Better


by Alan M. Barker

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To consider how we can help to solve a problem – with reference to the story of Jesus at the wedding at Cana.

Preparation and materials

  • Find some appropriate wedding photographs and have the means to display them during the assembly.
  • To add drama to the storytelling, you could use a jug of water, a large opaque container, such as a mixing bowl or casserole pot, an empty wine glass and a ladle with two or three drops of red food colouring out of sight in it. When a little water is collected in the ladle and poured into the glass, it will appear to have turned into wine.


  1. Introduce the theme of the assembly, which concerns helping one another to solve a problem and will include the story of a wedding.

  2. Display some of the wedding images you prepared and explain that a wedding celebrates the love of two people who are traditionally known as the bride and groom. Their friends and family gather to support them and share in their happiness.  Everyone enjoys special food and drink at a wedding reception.

  3. Observe that, occasionally, things can go wrong at a wedding. A car can break down, a ring be lost or even a cake collapse. Then it’s important for everyone to help one another solve the problem so the special day is not ruined.

  4. Tell the Bible story of the wedding at Cana. It describes how Jesus helped to solve a problem.

    The wedding at Cana

    The wedding had been a great success! Everyone was happy, especially the bride and groom.

    Everyone was there – family, friends, neighbours  . . .  and Jesus, with his mother, Mary.

    Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and drink. 

    ‘More to eat?’ asked the bride’s mother.
    ‘Yes, please!’ said the guests.
    ‘More to drink?’ asked the bride’s father.
    ‘Yes, please!’ everyone replied – which is how the problem arose.

    ‘There is no more drink,’ whispered one of the servants. ‘It’s all gone.’

    How awful! How embarrassing! People held out their empty glasses, but there was no more wine. The bride’s family felt very upset and ashamed. They worried that their daughter’s special day would be remembered as the time when something went wrong.

    ‘Do something!’ whispered Mary to Jesus.
    ‘It’s not the right moment’, he replied. ‘Everybody will say I’m a show-off.’
    ‘You must do something’, insisted Mary. ‘Do whatever he tells you’, she told the servants.

    In the corner of the room were some pots of water for washing the guests’ hands.

    ‘Fill those with fresh water’, Jesus instructed the servants.

    If using the props, pour the water in the jug into the opaque container and dip your fingers into it to demonstrate that the water is clear, normal water.

    ‘Now serve that to drink’, Jesus told the servants. They were very puzzled, but did what he said.

    Using the ladle containing the food colouring, gently collect some water in it and pour the ‘wine’ into the wine glass.

    To their amazement the water turned intto lovely wine! Indeed, it was the best that anyone had ever tasted.

    ‘More to eat?’ asked the bride’s mother.
    ‘Yes, please!’ said the guests.
    ‘More to drink?’ asked the bride’s father.
    ‘Yes, please!’ everyone replied happily!

    Jesus had helped to solve a problem. He had turned water into wine – and frowns into smiles. He had made a great day even better!

  5. Invite everyone to consider how they might help to solve a problem. How would they respond if:

    – someone couldn’t find their coat before playtime
    – a friend or grown-up said, ‘I need some help'
    – all the pencils needed to be sharpened.

    Observe that helping to solve a problem isn’t showing off. It involves noticing how others are feeling and showing concern. Helping to solve a problem can make any day better and happier for everyone!

Time for reflection


Lord Jesus,
At moments when things go wrong, make us more willing and ready to help.
Help us to turn today into a better day for everyone.



‘Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning’ (Come and Praise, 43)

Wake up!’ (Songs for Every Assembly,Out of the Ark Music, 1999)

Publication date: January 2015   (Vol.17 No.1)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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