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Lessons From Loom Bands, Part 2

by Janice Ross

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To recognize that we were made to be creative.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need some examples of completed loom band designs. Ideally, before the assembly, simply give some children each the same number and colours of loom bands and ask them to make something with them. Hopefully their creations will show many different patterns and designs.
  • Reread the ‘Lessons from loom bands Part 1’, if reviewing in the ‘Assembly’, Step 1 (optional).


  1. Review the themes found in the ‘Lessons from loom bands Part 1’, if using, that: 

    – God’s vast love for us is never-ending
    – our love can grow to be more like his. 

  2. The Bible tells us that God is a creator. In fact, the first verb we find in the Bible is the word ‘created’ or ‘made’.

    The story of creation tells us that God made the Earth, sky, seas, animals, flowers and us.

    Let’s think about all the designs God made on animals. Which animals have stripes, spots  . . .?

    Let’s think about all the colours God made. How many different greens can you think of or see in this room?

    Let’s think about the variety of children. Take a look at the person on your right, on your left, behind you. Are any two the same?

  3. The Bible also says that, when God made us, he made us ‘in his image’. This means that we are made to be creative, too, because we are like him. We are made to be good at making things.

    Check this out with the children by saying the following.

    Stand up if you love drawing, painting, designing  . . .

    Stand up if you love music  . . .

    Stand up if you love sport  . . .

    Stand up if you like building things, cooking, writing stories and poetry, crafts . . .
  1. Look around and celebrate all of the creativity and talents the children are acknowledging. Loom bands can confirm this for us.

    Explain that you gave some children each the same number of loom bands and the same colours and asked them to design and make something with them.

    Show the finished articles.

    Point out the variety of patterns and designs.

    Was there anyone who was unable to do anything with them? No!

Time for reflection

Think about your creative talents. How might you use these to encourage others today?


Dear God, 
Thank you that you made us in your image and have given us wonderful imaginations and busy minds and hearts.
Thank you for all the enjoyment we get from designing and making, from using our gifts and talents. 


‘He gave me eyes so I could see’ (Come and Praise, 18)

Publication date: October 2014   (Vol.16 No.10)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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