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Lessons From Loom Bands, Part 1

by Janice Ross

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To consider the vastness of God’s love for us.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need a very large elastic band and some small colourful loom bands.


  1. Show the large elastic band.

    Ask the children for suggestions as to what it might be used it for.

    Talk about the widespread uses of elastic bands to hold things together.
  2. When Jesus walked on the Earth, he used many everyday things to teach his disciples truths about God. 

    – When walking through the cornfields, he taught his followers about how a tiny seed can produce a great harvest. He then spoke to them about what they could do with even a little bit of faith. He pointed out the weeds growing in among the crops and explained how wrong acts are like weeds that can grow in our lives to spoil us.
    – When watching sparrows and smelling beautiful lilies, he taught his followers not to worry about their lives. If God could look after his beautiful creation, then of course he would look after them, too. 
  3. I  wonder what Jesus might have taught us with this elastic band?

    Show the large elastic band.

    This elastic band is like God’s love. 

    – An elastic band is a complete circle. It is never-ending, like a ring. It just goes on and on. Jesus told many stories about how never-ending is his love for us.
    (Ask some of the children to stretch the elastic band in all directions, but be careful it doesn’t snap or fly off!) God’s love is higher and deeper and wider than we can ever imagine.God’s love expands when we need it most. That is why many people find a strength they never expected when faced with difficult times or a peace they never expected when faced with pain and suffering or joy and hope they never expected when faced with mistakes and failures.
  4. Show the small loom bands.
    These loom bands are perhaps more like the love of each of us. They are certainly a lot smaller, but even these little loom bands are made of the same material, so they can be stretched, too. (Demonstrate their stretchiness.)

    So, our love can grow.

    We can ask God to fill us with more of his love.

    We can join with friends and weave a lovely band from the love we each have by working together.

Time for reflection

Think for a few moments about your love being like a little loom band.

Picture it being stretched and expanded with God’s help. Who do you need to love with that bigger love today?

Which friends’ love can your love join with to be even more powerful? 

Dear God,
Thank you for the enormous love you always have for us.
Thank you that your love will always be enough for anything we might have to face in life.
Please expand the love in our hearts so that we may care for those around us.


'Love will never come to an end’ (Come and Praise, 99)

Publication date: October 2014   (Vol.16 No.10)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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