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Alone: Sometimes I want to be on my own

To look at the good things about being alone, and how this enhances being with others.

by Kate Fleming

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To look at the good things about being alone, and how this enhances being with others.

Preparation and materials

  • Read through the story and poem in advance.


  1. Introduce the story about a boy called Jason.

    Jason gazed out of the window and watched the rain as it trickled down the window pane and splashed into the puddles. A wet Saturday morning - goodie, he could stay in his room and play with his friend Humphrey. Humphrey was imaginary, and had been his friend for as long as he could remember.

    Hurried footsteps on the stairs signalled the arrival of his mother. 'What a miserable day,' she said. 'Now, who can we get round to play? You don't want to be on your own, do you? What about Sean? You like him, don't you? Or Mahinda, or Edward, or Johnny Macpherson, his mum is so lovely, or Robbie, Amerjit, Gregory?'

    'I think I'm OK, thanks Mum, I'll stay here on my own today.'

    'You'll be lonely, Jason, bored and fed-up. There's nothing worse than having nothing to do, and nobody to play with.' She stood there in the doorway with that determined look on her face.

    'I'm not lonely, bored, or fed-up, Mum, there's so much to do up here; you really don't have to worry about me.'

    Reluctantly she left the bedroom and clattered downstairs, shouting out, 'Jason, you'll be sorry!'

    Jason smiled. Lonely? There's loads to do in my bedroom. Finish my book, work out the last bit of the Lego truck, sort out my Pokemon figures and cards! All this with the help of Humphrey.

    Humphrey, Jason's oldest friend, began life as a dog on wheels, and had played a major part in helping Jason to master the complex art of walking upright at the age of one. He had grown with Jason and was now a sophisticated and worldly nearly nine-year-old who wasn't quite as good at Pokemon as Jason was!

    They played happily, read together, completed the truck, and put all the Pokemon figures and cards in swapping order - there would be no stopping him now!

    The sound of the telephone broke the silence. The bedroom door swung open. 'It's Sean's mum. Do you want to go over this afternoon to play football, now the rain has stopped?' his mother asked, phone in hand.

    'Yeah! That would be great, I fancy a game of footie with Sean!'

    But I wouldn't have missed being alone this morning, thought Jason, as he picked up his football kit and raced down the stairs.

  2. So Jason, in our story, found that sometimes it's good to be on your own, and sometimes good to be with other people. Jason liked to read and play with his Lego. Ask the children what kind of things they like doing on their own. Jason liked to play football with his friend Sean. What kind of things do they like to do with other people?

  3. Are there times when they don't like to be on their own? Are there times when they don't like to be with other people?

  4. Explain that Jason had thought about being alone, and being with other people. He chose to write a poem about how he felt. This is Jason's poem.

    Sometimes I like to be on my own
    Reading a book or simply thinking about things.
    Sometimes I like to be with my friends
    And enjoy all the fun and excitement that brings.

    Sometimes it's great to have my friends round
    Setting up camps, or watching TV.
    Then when it's time for them to go home
    I'm back once again with my family.

    You might like to write your own poem about being on your own and being with your friends when you go back to your classroom.

Time for reflection

Dear God,
Thank you for all my friends and family.
Help me to enjoy the time I spend on my own,
and the time I spend with friends and family.


'Thank you God for all our friends' (Come and Praise, 22), adding 'Thank you God for time alone'.

Publication date: June 2002   (Vol.4 No.6)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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