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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

To pose the question What is of true value?

by Gwyneth Air

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To pose the question 'What is of true value?'

Preparation and materials

  • A board (or acetate) showing two quiz questions with their multiple-choice answers, e.g.:
    What is worn by a baby to keep its clothes clean while eating?
    (a) Bib
    (b) Nib
    (c) Fib
    (d) Rib
    (answer is (a) Bib)

    What is Prue Leith's profession?
    (a) Photographer
    (b) Cookery writer
    (c) Archaeologist
    (d) Tennis player
    (answer is (b) Cookery writer)

  • Choose a volunteer to sit on a high stool at the front and answer the questions. Prime him/her to 'ask the audience' for question 2.
  • You could use chocolate money to reward a correct answer.



  1. The leader, acting as show host, poses the questions and multiple-choice answers. Say how much is at stake, and encourage the audience to answer question 2 by voting. The volunteer then chooses which of their answers to accept and either wins or loses the money!

    At the end of quiz, express congratulations or commiserations.

  2. Ask, does having a lot of money necessarily make you happy? Several millionaires were recently interviewed on TV and some of them had actually been very depressed. They were sad because they thought that money would change their lives, but it didn't. They had lots of new and expensive possessions but they didn't feel any different inside.

  3. Talk about the TV series Castaway 2000. A group of volunteers went to live for a year on a remote Scottish island, and they were asked to try to create a community. They had no money, no shops, no TV, no phones, no cars, etc. They found they didn't miss these things as much as they thought they would, and they found all sorts of new 'treasures', such as the beauty of the island, deep friendships, true love and creativity. They made each other birthday cards and presents out of bits and pieces, they built their own furniture out of wood found on the island, they created their own entertainment, grew their own food, etc.

Time for reflection

So who does want to be a millionaire? Maybe if we learn to value other things besides just money and things we can own, we will realize that we are a lot richer than we thought we were. Perhaps you are a millionaire already, or you soon could be, by thinking about what really matters.


'Give me oil in my lamp' (Come and Praise, 43)

Publication date: December 2001   (Vol.3 No.12)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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