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To consider the importance of each person in our school.

by Janice Ross

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To consider the importance of each person in our school.

Preparation and materials

  • Each letter of the alphabet on pieces of card, one letter on each card. These should be distributed among the children as they come in to the assembly. Give the ‘i’ and ‘u’ to two adults beforehand. Brief the adults not to join in until the end (see section 1).


  1. Some of you were given a letter of the alphabet when you came in to assembly today. When I call out your letter, I want you to hold it high, so you need to be alert. (Do this reasonably quickly so that no bright spark notices that ‘i’ and ‘u’ are missing.)

    That was a reasonable attempt. Let’s do it a bit faster. (Again, leave the ‘i’ and ‘u’ out.)

     The next part is rather more difficult. I want you to come out to the front, and as quickly as possible make a long line of the alphabet.

    Ask the rest of the children gathered if they notice anything (the ‘i’ and the ‘u’ are missing).

    So the alphabet is not complete, is it? Has anyone seen an ‘i’ and a ‘u’?

    (The two adults with ‘i’ and ‘u’ can now join the line. Perhaps a young child could show them where to go.)

    Good, now all the alphabet is here.
  2. Our school is a bit like this alphabet. It takes every single one of us to make it whole.

    When ‘i’ is missing, there is a gap.

    When ‘u’ are missing, there is a gap.

    ‘I’ might be missing because I am ill, or because I have a dental appointment, or because I am attending staff training. I am missed and I leave a gap.

    ‘U’ might be missing because you are sick, or because you have a hospital appointment, or because you are attending a special celebration with your family. You are missed and you leave a gap.

Time for reflection

Turn to your neighbour and say, ‘When I am missing, there is a gap. When you are missing, there is a gap.’

Finish the reflection by asking all the children to hold hands and to say together, ‘When we are all here, then the school is complete.’

Dear God,
everyone is special in our school.
We all need one another to make the school complete.
We pray for all those who are missing today,
especially for those who are sick.
We pray that they will be back with all of us soon.


‘There are hundreds of sparrows’ (Come and Praise, 15)

Publication date: October 2012   (Vol.14 No.10)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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