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To explore the concept of true courage.

by Melanie Glover

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To explore the concept of true courage.

Preparation and materials

  • PowerPoint presentation, details in the assembly.
  • This assembly is presented and read by all the children in a class.
  • Three children for the sketch: Mum, Dad and Child.
  • Seven children for the dance.
  • The music for the dance is ‘You got the love’ (original version) by The Source and Candi Staton (widely available to download).
  • If your school or the class taking the assembly are collecting money or food in aid of a charitable cause, for example, for famine relief, you might like to refer to this, adapting the sentences and PowerPoint pictures.
  • For the final song, ‘Be bold, be strong’, see


(Project name of class and the word ‘Courage’)

Reader 1  Today we are thinking about having courage.

Reader 2  This is the same as being brave.

Reader 3  In the film The Wizard of Oz the lion wanted to have courage. (PowerPoint picture on screen of the lion in The Wizard of Oz)

Reader 4  He was very scared.

Reader 5  He didn’t find courage at the end of the film.

Reader 6  He had courage all the time.

Reader 7  I wonder how many of us have courage.

Reader 8  You do not have to be a super hero to have courage. (PowerPoint shows Superman)

Reader 9  You do not have to be a grown up to have courage.(Picture of headteacher on the screen)

Reader 10  We can all have courage.

Reader 11
  Sometimes you might be upset.

Reader 12  You might have an argument with your friend. (Picture of friends hugging each other on the PowerPoint screen)

Reader 13  Your mum or dad might tell you off.

(Three children walk on the stage as Mum, Dad and Child and act out a short sketch. There are books and clothes on the floor)

Mum  I’m very cross.

Dad  Your bedroom is very untidy.

Mum  I can’t find anything in it!

Dad  It’s just not good enough.

Child  I’m sorry. I will tidy it up.

(Child pretends to cry – all three walk off the stage)

Reader 14  You might be upset for other reasons.

Reader 15  You might be feeling poorly one day. (Picture on screen of someone who is ill, preferably in the form of a cartoon character)

Reader 16  Somebody bigger than you might be unkind to you.

(David and Goliath picture on screen)

Reader 17  In the Bible story, David was brave. (Picture of just David on screen)

Reader 18  Goliath was really big, wasn’t he?

Reader 19  Goliath wanted to fight David’s people, and David had to stop him.

Reader 20  God looked after David and gave him courage.

Reader 21  Some children in the world have no money and no food. (PowerPoint picture)

Reader 22  These people worry about their families.

Reader 23  Having no food can make you really poorly.

Reader 24  In our school we are . . . (add anything that your school is doing to help people in need).

Reader 25
 In our school we learn about how God can help us.

Reader 26  We can pray to God and ask for help.

Reader 27  When we pray it’s like speaking to God on the telephone. (Child holds up a mobile phone)

Reader 28  You don’t have to pay a bill, though.

Time for reflection

Reader 29  How can we help people who need courage?

Reader 30  They might find every day hard.

Reader 31  If we see somebody scared, we can tell them not to worry.

Reader 32  We can give them a smile.

Reader 33  We can ask a grown up to talk to them.

Reader 34  We can be a friend.

Reader 35  Jesus is a friend.

(Six children and ‘Jesus’ walk on to the stage. The title ‘You got the love’ appears on the screen with a picture of Jesus and, possibly, heart shapes.

The six children perform a simple dance to ‘You got the love’ by The Source and Candi Staton (original version of the song), miming events such as Jesus handing out bread and fish at the ‘meal’ part of the song, and one child miming being unkind to another one to the ‘When friends are gone . . .’ part of the song.

Reader 36  Whenever you need courage, remember that you can pray to Jesus, and lots of people will help, at home and at school.

Reader 37  We hope you have enjoyed listening to our assembly.

Whole class  Thank you.


‘Be bold, be strong’ (see ‘Preparation and materials’)
‘You got the love’ by The Source and Candi Staton (widely available to download)

Publication date: September 2012   (Vol.14 No.9)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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