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A bunch of bananas: A bright and energetic assembly

To reflect upon the importance of positive attitudes and outlook within the school community.

by The Revd Alan M. Barker

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To reflect upon the importance of positive attitudes and outlook within the school community.

Preparation and materials

  • A smiley face (yours!), a bunch of yellow bananas and a single curved banana.


(If used early in the school year, section 2 of the assembly might make reference to smiles being a sign of welcome. Section 3 might be expanded to recognize that the experience of being new is challenging and that existing class members can help newcomers to feel a part of their year-group.)

  1. Begin brightly and cheerfully by saying that you’d like to invite everybody to think and act positively throughout the coming day/week/term/year. Introduce the focus for the assembly – a bunch of bananas. Respond to any amusement by recognizing that while ‘going bananas’ is a phrase describing someone who is rather silly, you have some serious points to make in a fun way!

  2. First, point out that a bunch of bananas is BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL. They are yellow, a happy and positive colour. Bananas also grow in the shape of a smile. (Hold a single banana horizontally to reflect the pattern of a smiling mouth). Reflect that everyone learns and works best in a happy atmosphere. Those who bring a smile to school bring great encouragement to others. And, should anything happen to make us feel glum (invert banana), that’s when another smiling face and listening ear can do so much to help (banana as before). (If your school has a ‘buddy’ scheme this might be referred to briefly.)

  3. Reflect, second, that bananas GROW TOGETHER IN LARGE BUNCHES, divided into clusters called hands. School is a place where everyone (young and old) learns together. Each class is a place where different people can belong. Which class will prove to be the best and most helpful bunch? Where are the helping hands? When friendships are under strain, will you hang together?

  4. Third, observe that bananas are FILLED WITH ENERGY. We need lots of energy to learn and really enjoy school. Some energy is physical – provided by a good night’s sleep, healthy breakfast (not to be missed!) and perhaps a banana for a mid-morning snack! Other energy is spiritual – flowing from our love of God, other people and the world around us. Express the hope that members of the school community will approach every task and challenge with energy and enthusiasm.

  5. In a final reference to the fruit, conclude by saying that everyone will now see that you haven’t ‘gone completely bananas’! It’s simply that it sums up the enjoyment of being part of a CHEERFUL, UNITED, and ENERGETIC SCHOOL COMMUNITY. With such thoughts in mind, wish everybody a great ‘bunch of bananas’ day!

Time for reflection

Invite everyone to take time to think and pray:

Think why it is good to be alive . . . and smile.

Think of friends you enjoy being with . . . and be thankful.

Think of all today will hold . . . and get excited about it!



Lord God, you give to us

the joy of being alive,

the company of others,

the opportunities of each new day.

Bless this school community,

and each and every member of it,

today and always.


Church schools may wish to reflect upon St Paul’s fruits of God’s Spirit:

‘the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control’ (Galatians 5.22–23, NRSV).


‘Together’ or ‘Give It All You’ve Got!’ (Songs for Every Assembly, Out of the Ark Music)

Publication date: September 2010   (Vol.12 No.9)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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