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Giving support: A class assembly

To think about ways in which we can help others.

by Jenny Tuxford

Suitable for Key Stage 2


To think about ways in which we can help others.

Preparation and materials

  • Read the story of the paralysed man from Mark’s Gospel (2.1–12), and discuss it. I particularly like this story because it tells of people, other than Jesus, who show care for someone else. A group of four people work as a team for the good of another.

  • You may want to act out the story ‘The men who raised the roof’. Divide the narration into different groups or allocate the speaking parts. Other children can mime the story as it is told. You might like to change some of the characters to include more girls.
  • Don’t forget to explain that the Jewish people at the time believed that illness was caused by someone doing something wrong – ‘committing a sin’. You might like to discuss this with your class – so when Jesus said ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ he was effectively saying ‘You are healed.’


  1. As members of a school community, we know quite a lot about working as part of different teams, especially in sporting and musical events. But we also work together to help others in different ways.

    Here are just some of the ways we help others. (You can, of course, adapt this list.)

    (a) We visit people in ‘Old People’s Homes’, especially at Christmas when we sing carols to them.
    (b) We collect and distribute produce at Harvest time to people in our community.
    (c) We hold events, such as Sponsored Walks, to raise money for various charities.
    (d) We sponsor a child in a less developed country.
    (e) We sponsor a guide dog for the blind.
    (f) We have a team of people looking out for others on the playground and a team looking after us in school.
    (g) Teams of people pick up rubbish and tend our gardens so that our environment is a safe and attractive one.
    (h) Our School Council makes sure that everyone’s voice can be heard.
    (i) Our school is made up of individuals who work together as a team.

  2. Here is a story from the Bible about some men who worked as a team to help a man who was so ill that he was utterly helpless.

    The Men Who Raised the Roof

    John: There’s a man in the neighbourhood, I’ve heard tell,
    Who touches people and makes them well.
    My son is paralysed, as well you know.
    He can’t walk, or even move, and so
    I need to make some kind of plan
    To get to see this Miracle Man.
    But, though I’m not the kind to moan,
    I really can’t manage it on my own.

    Stephen: We three will help you, that’s for sure.
    Come, pick up his bed. Let’s go find a cure.

    Narrator: Sadly, this idea was nothing new,
    For everyone else had had it too.

    Mark: So many people have come here today,
    To hear to what Jesus has to say,
    That we’ll never get through this awful crush,
    No matter how hard we pull and push.

    James: Your son’s being jostled about I fear.
    We’ll have to go home, we’ll get nowhere near.

    John: Well, I’m not giving up! We’ll just go through the door,
    After all, that’s what doors are for.

    Stephen: But the house is too packed. There’s no way inside –
    The windows are small; the door’s not very wide.

    John: Look! I spy with my little eye
    Some stairs to the roof. Let’s give them a try.

    Mark: So we climb up the stairs – then what do we do?
    The roof is solid. How will we get through?

    John: Oh, give over moaning. Don’t be so wet!
    I’ve got an idea. I’m not beaten yet.

    James: What’s this ‘idea’ then? Give us a clue.

    John: Um! We’ll have to remove a tile or two.

    Stephen: Remove some tiles! You must be mad.
    That’s the worst idea you’ve ever had!
    And the owner will be cross, trust me.
    He’ll hit the roof, he will, you’ll see. (If there’s anything left of it!)

    Narrator: A few tiles later – well nine or ten –
    A hole appeared in the roof, and then
    People below looked up in awe
    As a man in a bed swung down to the floor.
    There were gasps of astonishment, cries of surprise,
    Even Jesus could hardly believe His eyes.
    But what amazing faith they showed, and so
    Jesus said:

    Jesus: Your sins are forgiven. Now get up and go.

    Narrator: So, the paralysed man got up from the floor
    And skipped and hopped his way out of the door.

  3. In school, we can always find plenty of people to listen to our problems and help us. Outside school, there are, fortunately, many people who feel they have a duty to help those in need. One really wonderful way to gain, and give support, is to form some good friendships.

    Friendship (optional, if time)
    I need a friendship to be strong,
    One that will last my whole life long.
    Please be a friend who’s always true –
    Who’ll help me out as I’ll help you.
    And if you ever need support
    Don’t stop to give a second thought.
    I’ll be there, just call my name.
    I know you’ll always do the same.
    When trouble strikes, I’ll need a hand,
    Someone who will understand,
    Who’ll always be right there for me,
    And I’ll be there for you, you’ll see.

Time for reflection

Thank you that when things are not as they should be,
There is always someone there for me.


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Publication date: August 2010   (Vol.12 No.8)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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