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To explore the theme of love.

by Melanie Glover

Suitable for Key Stage 1


To explore the theme of love.

Preparation and materials

  • This class assembly needs some rehearsal – everyone can have a speaking part, take part in the drama, and/or perform to the songs.

  • You need four flashcards marked: Special, Share, Care, Love.
  • You need two tracks by Hi-5: ‘L-O-V-E’ (from The Best of Hi-5) and ‘How Much Do I Love You?’ (from Space Magic) (Hi-5 and Space Magic are on Channel Five most mornings).


Child 1:  Good morning, everybody.

Child 2:  Today’s assembly is by Class ___.

Child 3:  In our class we have talked about our friends.

Child 4:  Friends are very Special (holds up card).

Child 5:  We Share with our friends (holds up card).

Child 6:  We should Care for our friends and love them (holds up card).

Child 7:  We Love our family as well as our friends (holds up card).

Child 8:  Our mums, dads and families love us and look after us.

Child 9:  Today we will tell you all about love.

Play the song ‘L-O-V-E’ by Hi-5. Children can sing along, with simple actions, e.g. playing and holding hands, L-O-V-E actions with hands and cards.

Child 10:  I love ____________ because _____________

Child 11:  I love ____________ because _____________

Child 12:  I love ____________ because _____________

Child 13:  I love ____________ because _____________

Child 14:  I love ____________ because _____________

Child 15:  Jesus taught us to love each other.

Child 16:  Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbour.’

Child 17:  This means that we should love all people.

Child 18:  If we argue with someone we need to sort things out.

Child 19:  We should even love people we do not always get on with.

Child 20:  We want to give each class something to make us think about loving people.

Play the song ‘How Much Do I Love You?’ by Hi-5. Children can sing along, with simple actions, e.g. pushing prams, holding ‘babies’, grandparents and little boy on stage waving, etc. Children could hand out laminated hearts/chocolate hearts to teachers and any other adult present.

Child 21:  When you love someone like your mum it makes you feel warm and happy inside.

Child 22:  I love my baby sister and she hugs and kisses me. This makes me smile.

Child 23:  I love my dog and he always licks me to tell me he loves me.

Child 24:  When we have Circle Time in our classroom, we sit in a heart shape.

Child 25:  This reminds us that our class is a family and we love each other. God is love.

Child 1:  Sometimes a family might have a new baby.

Child 2:  Here is a play about Esther and her family. Here is Esther. (Esther comes to the front with a teddy bear.)

Child 3:  Esther’s mum is having a baby. (Esther’s mum walks on.)   

Child 4:  Esther’s dad is also very excited. (Dad walks on looking excited.)

Child 5:  Esther’s mum and dad have been very busy.

Child 6:  Dad has been painting the new baby’s nursery. (Dad mimes using paint roller and tray, looking happy.)

Child 7:  Mum has been buying new clothes ready for when the baby comes. (Mum mimes taking clothes out of a carrier bag and places them in front of her.)

Child 8:  Mum feels very tired. The new baby will be here soon.

Mum:  I am very tired. I think I will go to bed for a bit.

Dad:  That’s OK, I’ll make you a cup of tea. (Mum and Dad walk off the stage together.)

Esther:  I wonder if our new baby will be a boy or a girl. I will have a brother or a sister.

Child 9:  Mum and Dad go to the hospital and the nurses help Mum to have her new baby. (Mum and Dad walk on holding new baby.)

Child 10:  Mum and Dad have a new baby girl. Esther has a sister now called Martha.

Esther:  My little sister cries a lot.

Mum:  Martha has had her milk and a cuddle but she is still crying.

Esther:  I will give her my teddy bear.

Dad:  Well done, Esther. She has stopped crying.

Child 11:  Esther and her family will be very busy with the new baby.

Child 12:  The new baby is special in Esther’s family and in God’s family. (All three – Mum, Dad and Esther – walk off and sit down.)!

Time for reflection

Child 13:  Let us pray.

Child 14:  Dear Lord, help us to remember what you told us about love. We must always be kind to other people and care for them.

Child 15:  Sometimes we might argue with our friends, but we still love them.

Child 16: Thank you for our mums and dads and our families. Help them to know that we love them very much.


Child 17:  Think about everybody you love, and remember to show them that you love them every day.

Child 18:  We hope you have enjoyed our assembly.

Class together:  Thank you.


‘Thank you, Lord’ (Come and Praise, 32)

Publication date: March 2010   (Vol.12 No.3)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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