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Change of Head Teacher

To mark a significant moment in the life of a school. To celebrate difference and diversity.

by Gordon and Ronni Lamont

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To mark a significant moment in the life of a school. To celebrate the departing Head and welcome the new Head. To celebrate difference and diversity.

Preparation and materials

Note: As presented, this is a long and complex assembly - very much a 'special' to mark a significant moment in the life of a school. It suggests a number of elements which could be used independently to make a shorter assembly or used at different times in 'goodbye' and 'hello’ assemblies. The assembly is designed to involve pupils in class-based preparation.


The assembly will be led by someone other than the current Head, if possible with the new Head present. Ideally, a class will have worked on this and will present and lead the assembly.

1. Enter to a piece of music chosen by new and outgoing Heads. A member of the class explains the choice at the start of the assembly.

2. The class presents ‘TV ads’ for a new Head Teacher. They should be short, fun, stress the impossible nature of the job and exaggerate the school's qualities, e.g.

Needed - First-class manager for top netball team, must also run school.

Wanted - Zoo-keeper for collection of strange and exotic species - and their pupils!

Also useful The drama suggestions from the Conflict assembly. Although used in a different context they can be adapted to the development of TV adverts.

3. Two children prepared to interview the outgoing Head could ask about favourite moments, what he/she'll remember, why she/he chose that particular piece of music, etc.

4. The class to prepare, say, ten points: ‘Our new Head needs . . . ‘ (a mixture of fun and more serious points). Include ‘You need to be yourself and we need to get to know you.’

5. Time for reflection about valuing individuality. Children could write their own or you could use this meditation as a basis:

You're not the same as me
I'm not the same as you
From the type of things we like
To the colour of our shoes.

Some things I do well
Others not so hot
You're strong in some ways
In other ways you're not.

You're you, I'm me
That's the way it has to be.
Things change as time goes on
Different parts of the same song.

6. Produce a large rope (a PE rope) and ask which is the beginning and which the end of it. Draw out the idea that ends are beginnings and beginnings are ends. The Head leaving will be starting something new, the Head arriving will be leaving something behind.


Song and music

Sing a song chosen by the incoming Head to end, or go out to one of his/her favourite pieces of music.

Publication date: January 1999   (Vol.1 No.1)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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