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To look at the purpose of a holiday and the variety of choice open to us

by Kate Fleming

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To look at the purpose of a holiday and the variety of choice open to us. To consider the richness of the experience and to appreciate being with the people we love wherever we are on holiday.

Preparation and materials

  • You will need some travel brochures and postcards from friends on holiday.
  • Prepare four Year 6 children to perform the drama.
  • Useful associated reference: Don't Forget to Write by Martina Selway (Red Fox ISBN 0099206811).


  1. Introduce the theme by reading out some holiday postcards, if you have them. Then say something like: I'm thinking about where I'm going for my holiday, so I'm looking through these brochures. Let's see if we can get some ideas from Let's Go! travel agency.
  2. Four Year 6 children perform the scripted drama below, or an improvisation based upon it.

    Scene in Let's Go Travel Agency
    (Two operators, Julie and Sam, are sitting at different tables. Enter Customer 1, Mrs Franklin. She sits down in front of Julie.)

    Julie: Good morning. Can I help you?

    Mrs Franklin: Yes! I'm looking for a holiday in the sun. Warm, but not too hot. Near the sea, but not right on the beach. Plenty to do, but not too noisy, especially at night!

    Julie: Spain? Portugal? South of France? How much money were you thinking of spending?

    Mrs Franklin: I don't want to spend too much, but cheap holidays don't really appeal if you know what I mean.

    (Julie and Mrs Franklin 'freeze'. Enter Customer 2, Tommy Harris, who sits down in front of Sam.)

    Sam: Good morning. Can I help you?

    Tommy: Yes, I'm looking for something really exciting. An action-packed holiday, full of adventure and new experiences.

    Sam: Had you got anywhere in mind?

    Tommy: Africa! What have you got in Africa?

    Sam: Big place, Africa, sir! But -
    [reels off holidays in a very matter-of-fact voice]
    - there's Landcruisers and lodges in South Tanzania, Tribal Encounters and Spectacular Wildlife, Dawn Game Drives and the Indian Ocean, Kenya to Zanzibar via the Highlands, AND on special offer for this month only, special Mountain Gorilla Search Trips in Uganda from only £1,290.

    Tommy (horrified): How much?

    Sam: The Gorilla and Chimp Safari starts at £1,290. Book early to avoid disappointment!

    Tommy: I can't afford that. Oh well, another holiday at home for me!

    (Tommy exits, Sam freezes. Julie and Mrs Franklin 'unfreeze'.)

    Julie: Well, there's Tenerife of course. How about that?

    Mrs Franklin: No, not Tenerife. My sister and brother-in-law went there and never got a wink of sleep.

    Julie: Lanzarote?

    Mrs Franklin: No! It's volcanic!

    Julie: Majorca?

    Mrs Franklin (getting increasingly adamant): No! We've been there!

    Julie (desperate): Ibiza?

    Mrs Franklin (horrified): No!

    (Mrs Franklin exits. Julie and Sam look at each other.)

    Julie: You can't win them all.

    Sam: You can satisfy some of the customers some of the time, but not ALL of them ALL of the time. Come on, let's go to lunch.
  3. Thank the performers and draw out the message of the drama by saying something like: poor Mrs Franklin didn't manage to find the holiday she was looking for, and Tommy hadn't got enough money for his action-packed adventure in Africa. What do you think they wanted? Tommy wanted a change, excitement, even danger. Mrs Franklin didn't really know what she wanted.
  4. Ask the children what they like to do on their holiday. Take their ideas and add some others, such as: Swim? Lie in the sun? Play on the beach? Visit interesting places? Find out about different countries? Find out about your own country? Most people like to relax and enjoy a rest.
  5. What do you think makes any holiday enjoyable, whether you are in Spain, Florida or at home? Being with people you love, with good friends, and meeting new people you get on really well with? When this happens, aren't these the most memorable holidays?
  6. Read this poem:
    We've flown out to Spain and enjoyed all that sun.
    We've skied down the slopes, now that was such fun.
    We've arrived in Orlando and met Mickey Mouse.
    We've driven through France to Uncle John's house.

    We've rented a car and explored islands and coves.
    We've picnicked on beaches crammed with people in droves.
    We've sailed just off Turkey then headed to Greece.
    We've hauled in the mainsail and found perfect peace.

Time for reflection

Dear God,
Thank you for all the people who make our holidays so special.
For family and friends getting together and enjoying the break from everyday life,
and sharing this wonderful world in which we live.
Thank you that after a good time away
we can return to the familiarity and safety of our own homes.

Song and music

'For the beauty of the Earth' (Come and Praise, 11).

Curriculum links

  • English: Write a poem that includes all the holidays you've been on, or write a postcard from a favourite place.
Publication date: July 2000   (Vol.2 No.7)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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