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Secondary Edition, July 2021

Fulfilling Our Potential
How can we reach our potential?
Rebecca Parkinson
Euro 2020: The Power of Resilience and Community
Well done, England!
Claire Law
Let’s Get Working!
The work ethic
Helen Gwynne-Kinsey
How Strong?
Different kinds of strength
Helen Bryant (revised, originally published in 2010)
Souvenirs and Mementoes
Remembering Jesus by sharing bread and wine
Helen Redfern (revised, originally published in 2007)
Children’s Art Week
Children’s Art Week runs from 29 June to 19 July 2021
Brian Radcliffe
The Olympic Games
The origins of the Olympics
Helen Gwynne-Kinsey
World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day is on 7 July
Brian Radcliffe
Setting the BAR
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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