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Secondary Edition, June 2021

Bouncing Forwards
Developing resilience
Claire Law
High Hopes
Aiming for something greater
Helen Gwynne-Kinsey
Pause for Thought: Look at the Ants
Wise as ants!
Janice Ross
Everyone Needs Encouragement
The power of encouragement
Helen Bryant (revised, originally published in 2014)
A Place of Pilgrimage
The feast day of Saint Columba is on 9 June
Brian Radcliffe
Pause for Thought: Interpreting the Cross and the Resurrection
What do they mean?
Brian Radcliffe
How Much Time?
Wishing time away
Helen Swain (revised, originally published in 2012)
Gateways - Paths to Moving On
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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