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Secondary Edition, March 2020

Escaping from feeling trapped
Claire Law
Time for Spring!
The spring equinox is on 20 March 2020
Rebecca Parkinson
In Balance
The spring equinox is on Friday 20 March 2020
Brian Radcliffe
Are We Popular?
Was Jesus popular?
Janice Ross
An Enormous Measure!
Can we measure love?
Rebecca Parkinson
Crazy or What?
As mad as a March hare
Brian Radcliffe
Who Do We Trust?
What does the film ‘Finding Nemo’ have to say about trust?
Helen Bryant (revised, originally published in 2011)
How Do We Respond?
When life takes an unexpected turn . . .
Brian Radcliffe (revised, originally published in 2010)
Greed, not Need
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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