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Secondary Edition, March 2014

Mother’s Day
In memory of Anne Williams, an inspirational Liverpool mum and Hillsborough activist
Peter Bull
What is the meaning of Lent?
Janice Ross
History in the making
Anniversary of first airborne hydrogen bomb test (1 March 1954)
James Lamont
Nelson Mandela's legacy
Sharpeville Day (21 March)
Suspended coffee
Gordon Lamont
Woodbine Willie
How war changes a man
Brian Radcliffe
The Great Escape
Nothing’s going to stop us
Brian Radcliffe
Making sense of suffering
Looking for answers to the big questions about suffering
Helen Redfern
Streams in the desert
Celebrating the Women’s World Day of Prayer (7 March 2014)
Helen Redfern
Jacob's journey
The world and me
Exploring our view of the world

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