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Secondary Edition, February 2020

Say It with Chocolate
The life of the Cadbury family
Janice Ross
Come Alive!
Forget the new you; find the true you instead!
Rachel Noyce
Well Done!
World Compliment Day is on 1 March
Brian Radcliffe
The Price of Love
An assembly for Valentine’s Day
Brian Radcliffe
On the Shoulders of Giants
Lessons from Sir Isaac Newton
Helen Lycitt (revised, originally published in 2005)
Fasting: What’s It All About?
Ash Wednesday is on 26 February 2020
James Lamont
Be My Valentine
The origins of Valentine’s Day
James Lamont (revised, originally published in 2010)
An Easter New Year’s Resolution?
An assembly for Lent
Rebecca Parkinson
Strengths and Weaknesses
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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