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Secondary Edition, November 2017

The Power of a Friend: John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017
Uses the John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 to reflect on the power of friendship
Claire Law
Celebrating Difference
The United Nations’ International Day for Tolerance is on 16 November
Claire Law
All Different, All Equal
Anti-Bullying Week runs from 13 to 17 November
Brian Radcliffe
The Meaning of Ohana
‘Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten’
Rachael Crisp
What Is Advent All About?
Short dramas and thoughts for the season of Advent
Helen Redfern (revised, originally published in 2008)
I’m Having the Time of My Life
Handling the good times and the bad
Brian Radcliffe
You’ve Kept Me Waiting!
Things are better when we wait with anticipation
Helen Levesley (revised, originally published in 2008)
Saint Andrew
St Andrew’s Day is on 30 November
Ronni Lamont (revised, originally published in 2008)
Armistice: War and Peace
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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