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Secondary Edition, January 2016

The Secret of Happiness
Hygge: the Danish secret to happiness?
Claire Law
In the Beginning
Keeping it new and fresh
Brian Radcliffe
The Cost of Unforgiveness
It is better to forgive than to hold a grudge
Janice Ross
Being Scam Aware
What is a scam and how can we avoid them?
Hannah Knight
A Change Will Do You Good
How can we learn and develop through change?
Claire Law
Keeping the Fire Under Control
How to manage your passion (uses the 200th anniversary of the first test of the Davy Lamp for use in coal mines)
Brian Radcliffe
Inspirational People - Louis Braille
From humble beginnings, Louis Braille pioneered the development of the Braille system of communication used by millions of people worldwide
Philippa Rae
Home Comforts
Homelessness Sunday (24 January)
Brian Radcliffe

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