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Primary Edition, June 2021

Pause for Thought: Look at the Daisies!
Lessons from the daisies
Janice Ross
Pause for Thought: The Sun Is Shining!
Bringing warmth and light to other people
Rebecca Parkinson (revised, originally published in 2011)
Pause for Thought: Back to Normal?
A reflection on our journey out of lockdown
Becky May
A Precious Gift
An assembly in the ‘Hello, Scruff!’ series
the Revd Sylvia Burgoyne
Pause for Thought: Where Is the Power?
God’s power within us
Kirstine Davis
Passing on the Gift
The end of the academic year is approaching
Alexandra Palmer
Be an Encourager!
The importance of encouragement
Helen Bryant (revised, originally published in 2013)
Keyholders . . .
An assembly from the Culham St Gabriel archive

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