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Citizenship: Children's rights - human rights (KS2)

Use the story and point 5 of the 'Rules for life' assembly:

  • This assembly picks up on the importance of honesty, a key aspect of Rights and Responsibilities.

  • The story could be enacted (and the enactment even performed in an assembly!). Children could write or enact their own stories, like that of Ling, where someone is honest even though they think they could get away with dishonesty.

  • Use these activities to explore the idea of honesty in the context of responsibilities and the link with rights.


Use the material in the 'Slavery today' assembly:

  • Discuss this in the context of human rights and in particular the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Children could research bonded labour, producing factual writing based on information and statistics, and imaginative writing in the form of 'A day in the life of a bonded labourer'.


Use the play from the 'Fair measure' assembly:

  • Discuss the idea of fairness in trade as explored in the play. Do farmers and growers around the world have a 'right' to fair trade policies? Do we have responsibilities towards food producers in other countries?
    What can the children find out about fair trade products? Can they hold a fair trade festival with information and sample food and drink?

  • See also: 'What is fairtrade?' -


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