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Citizenship: In the media - what's the news? (KS2)

 Use the discussion suggestions and activities in the 'Dot Com!' assembly:

  • This material can be used as an introduction to the immediacy of communication and can provide useful contextual links with classroom History work on the Ancient Romans.

  • Things have moved on even since the assembly was written in 2001 so you could also include discussion about instant messaging, blogs and stills and video from mobiles.


Use the activity and poem from the 'Look at it from here!' assembly:

  • The assembly material provides a graphic illustration of how our 'point of view' can make a big difference to how we perceive and interpret events.
  • Following on from this, children could work in pairs to write two contrasting accounts of the same event such as:
    • Goal/offside
    • Fair tackle/foul
    • He started a fight/She started it
    • You promised to help/I never said 'I promise'...


Use the ideas in the 'Reality school' assembly:

  • This can be the starting point for a range of work using drama and imaginative writing to help the children to see things from a range of viewpoints.
  • One simple way of extending this is to use the imaginary situation in the assembly as a starting point and ask the children to create characters in a reality show. These can be drawn, profiles can be written and characteristics assigned. Then they can write or speak the thoughts of their characters at different stages during and after the show as explored in the assembly.


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