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Citizenship: Preparing to play an active role as citizens (KS1)

Use the questions and discussion from the 'Community' assembly:

  • If appropriate for the ability of your class, create an acrostic poem together using either SCHOOL or the school's name or class name if there is one.


Use the song and made-up actions in the 'From the tiny ant' assembly:

  • Discuss how children can care for animals, both pets and wildlife.


Use the story and questions about money in the 'Coins' assembly:

  • Ask: why did the man want a picture of the queen? Did he get what he wanted?

  • Give out some coins and talk about the pictures on them. Let the children take some rubbings from the different types of coins. Add the rubbings to a display about money. Discuss money and what it is used for.

  • Use the reflection at the end of the assembly to help the children begin to think about money and how it is used. Topics could include:
    • Spending
    • Saving
    • Sharing
    • Recognizing the coins as explored in the assembly material


Use the activity in points 1-4 from the 'School is a bunch of fruit' assembly:

  • This will work best with older KS1 children. Reinforce the learning point by explaining that the word 'school' can describe the building and it can also describe all the people who make up the school. This is a big word: 'community'.

  • Talk about other communities that the children may belong to, such as a family, a group of friends, a club, a church, mosque, temple or synagogue, a school class and so on.

  • Ask the children if they can introduce themselves by talking about the communities they belong to, such as: 'I'm Martin. I belong to Class 2. I belong to Parkwood School. I belong to the Beavers...'

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