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Submitting your own assembly for inclusion in this website...

We want to encourage use of this site as an exchange for good ideas, and welcome contributions from practitioners who want to share their assemblies with a wider audience.

We are always looking for original and imaginative assembly material that can be adapted and used by a wide range of teachers in different school contexts across the U.K.

If you would like to submit an assembly for use on this site please contact us, ideally by sending an email to . Give a brief outline of your idea, say where it has been used and what the response was.

You will receive a reply and may be asked to develop the assembly into a form that can be used on the site - guidance and support is given at this stage.

We will pay a fee for any assembly that is used on the site, and authors will be credited.

Assemblies Editor
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Fax: Assemblies Editor, SPCK - 020 7592 3939

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