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What’s so good about

HELP TO KEEP ASSEMBLIES FREE is the leading UK site for school assemblies and last year had 40 million hits and 4.9 million page requests. Our professional writers produce brand new assemblies every month, which are often relevant for the time or year, plus rapid response assemblies triggered by events in the news. We also maintaining an archive of past assemblies from our own and the Culham St Gabriel site. Our most popular assemblies are downloaded by over 5,000 unique individuals.

Please help keep assemblies free



What are your costs?

Only experienced professional assembly-givers write assemblies for this site, so we pay them a modest fee for their work. We pay Rebecca, the site’s editor, who commissions, collates and uploads the assemblies, Primavera who oversees the strategy for our charity programmes, and then there’s Hilary, our professional copy editor, as well as Martin who maintains the website. All this costs about £25,000 pa. We get about half of this from a grant from charitable trusts, but the rest has to come from somewhere else. Where is that going to be?


Why should I give a donation?

Until now, the site has been paid for by gifts from grant-making trusts and reallocation of funds within SPCK, but it is becoming more difficult to cover all the costs this way. This year we’ve had to cut back from 16 new assemblies a month to just 8. We also used to be able to publish rapid response assemblies whenever there was an important event that we think is relevant. We now only have a budget to do rapid response assemblies once every 8 weeks. This is the reality of funding cuts.


If your Mondays are a little less stressful because you have a ready-made assembly waiting for you, please consider giving and help us keep free.

How much should I give?

  • £38.85 could pay an assembly writer for a new script

  • £10 will pay for proof-reading an assembly.

  • but any amount will help!

Refunds can be given at the discretion of SPCK


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