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Why should you support


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Teachers and children both love the assembly scripts that we provide on this website. These are just some of the fantastic comments that we receive from those who use our assemblies and those who listen to them:

“When I discovered this site, it was like Christmas! Now I don’t know what I would do without it!” Primary School Teacher
“You have saved my bacon on so many occasions! What a great resource and inspiration” Clergy
“In assembly you stop and think about things... After assembly once a boy came and said sorry to me because he had been nasty the day before. I think he had thought about it in assembly and I like that he did that”
Child benefits a huge number of teachers, clergy and youth workers! On average, we receive 6 million page requests each year, and our most popular assemblies are downloaded in excess of 7,000 times!

It is such a joy to provide these free resources that help teachers who are pressed for time and unsure of how to deliver an assembly that really gets their pupils thinking. There are children all over the UK who are enjoying fun and engaging assemblies, thanks to

What do we provide?

Every month we publish 16 new assemblies, 8 for primary schools and 8 for secondary schools, written by our experienced professional assembly-givers.

We also commission rapid response assemblies, which explore momentous current events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Royal Wedding.

And we maintain our extensive archive of material, which dates back to the creation of the website in 1999!

There really is an assembly for every occasion, and that’s what makes us the leading assembly website in the UK.

How much does this all cost?

There are a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ costs associated with maintaining a website of this scale! As well as paying our writers a modest fee for their work, we pay for:

  • Rebecca, our site editor, to commission and collate new assemblies on a wide variety of topics;
  • The scripts to be professionally edited by experienced copy editors;
  • Martin, our website manager, to keep everything running smoothly!

All of this comes to approximately £22,000 per year. We are hugely thankful for the support from the St Christopher's Educational Trust, The All Saints Educational Trust and the Farmington Institute, however there is still a considerable shortfall if we are to continue adding fresh material.

Could you help?

Perhaps you are a teacher, or youth worker, whose mornings are made easier by our scripts. Perhaps you are a parent who loves hearing about what your child learnt in assembly this morning. Or perhaps you believe that collective worship is a vital part of school life which teachers should be resourced to provide.

Whatever your connection to assemblies, please be part of making a difference to the lives of teachers and pupils across the UK by supporting the provision of online assembly resources.

Please help to keep assemblies free! Truly, any amount will help!


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