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About us

The Assemblies Website aims to provide high-quality, instant access primary and secondary school assemblies for teachers and others leading collective worship. Our aim is to promote good practice and to help schools comply with the legal requirements for collective worship. Experienced practitioners, many of whom are long-term users of the site, write all the assemblies. Over the years, since its inception in 1999, The Assemblies Website has become a true web community with an exchange of ideas and a depth of support that many find extremely valuable.

The assemblies are Christian in outlook, but the site aims to provide a resource for use in a wide range of schools, and the material is designed for use with all children regardless of faith or cultural background. The Festivals of World Religions section takes this concept further by encouraging understanding of major world faiths through their special times and celebrations.

Both the primary and secondary school sections are continually updated, on a monthly basis.

The Assemblies Website is provided by SPCK , as part of its commitment to promoting the understanding of Christianity.

You can find out more abut the site in how to use this site or simply take a look around.

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